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24th Jul 2003, 19:12
OK up till now I have been willing to deal with the bugs. The jumpy graphics, the running in circles on stairs, the auto aim sticking and being unable to turn around to move away from a beastie but now I am getting fed up. I am at the Bio Sphere. I finally got to the top of the room where the valves are and hit escape to save my game and the game crashed giving me the following error:

Build Jul 2 2003 17:02:05

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'sgSaving == TRUE' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\core\Savegame.c(94)

Now everytime I try to save I get that error. Anyone have any idea what might be causing it?


OK I seem to have found the problem. Because of the jumpy graphic on some levels like The Hall Of Seasons I had been turning off the audio. In other post here I had read that it's the audio that causes the jumpiness in the graphics and when I started turning the audio off it ran really smooth. When I got to the Bio Sphere I found it to be the worse I had encountered so I turned off the audio. After several hours of messing with thing I tried turning the audio back on and found that I was again able to save with no problem but the graphic were intolerable. I began to mess with the audio and found if I used compatibility mode(No hardware acceleration) in the game audio settings that the graphics ran perfectly and I was still able to use the audio. I hope this info might be of some use to others. One thing I would add is that I have an old Rockwell audio/modem card so I’m not sure how much use this will be to those with newer boards.