View Full Version : Stella's Tomb Raider Site Temporarily Down

24th Jul 2003, 16:46
Hey there guys,

I wanted to tell you that Stella's Tomb Raider site is currently down. Her hosting service went out of business so she is currently setting up camp elsewhere.

Hopefully it won't be down for long -- probably a couple of days. So don't worry, she'll be back!

24th Jul 2003, 17:30
Thanks! I got a little worried, tried to search for something there earlier today! I hope she finds a new location soon, that site is the best! :)

L Croft
24th Jul 2003, 17:51
thanks for the info Katie :D

kathy 5
24th Jul 2003, 18:50
THANK YOU i THOUGHT I WAS BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25th Jul 2003, 20:08
Thanks for the info Katie. :) I was beginning to think that she was mysteriously disappearing like Theresa had.

26th Jul 2003, 15:08
Yes, that would have been awful, huh?:( I'll keep you guys posted if there's anything else. :)

26th Jul 2003, 19:41
Has Stella mentioned anything to you about how long she suspects her site will be down for?

lara croft fan
26th Jul 2003, 23:41
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! the sites down I never got told

27th Jul 2003, 00:56
Now you have! Her site will be down for probably a couple of more days, or less. :)

27th Jul 2003, 01:30
Thanks again Katie. :)

27th Jul 2003, 12:15
You'll have to post the new link here somewhere when she's back in bizz.

27th Jul 2003, 17:24
Will do! :)