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24th Jul 2003, 15:43
Have any guilty pleasures in TS2? here's mine ranging from smallest to biggest pleasure

10.Melting snowmen with flamethrowers
9.Shooting grenades at hordes of monkeys
8. Shooting Duckman Drake's with Dual Shotguns
7. Setting tons of Impersonators on fire and then sniping them out from afar
6. Flamethrowing Calmari's with the Chinese Chef
5. Pretending to play the matrix with slow mo death cheats
4. Beating up my dad by 25 points with the monkey
3. Setting weapons to all bricks
2. Punching Monkeys

And #1 is (beware...it's kind of stupid)


Shooting hordes of Venus Starrs with rocket launchers....(any guys out there try it and you'll see what I mean;) )

25th Jul 2003, 09:43
Originally posted by Metroid_DarkTim
There's an exception of course, the only female I like to kill without feeling bad in anyway is Kitten Celeste :D:D
I find doing that really, really fun! :rolleyes:

OI!!!! Less of it!!! :p

*runs for cover*