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24th Jul 2003, 15:08
I now have only 11 characters left to get ( 115/126) and there are two challenges in perticular that are bothering me. They are 'monkey mayhem' and especially 'playing with fire' which I desperate to get a silver on to get the tree golem. Any tips/routes (for the latter challenge) you suggest? If so please tell me, I would greatly apreciate it. Thanks

24th Jul 2003, 22:45
Monkey Mayhem:
- be a good shot
- hit melons NOT monkeys
- try to combo the melons, when monkeys run out of the right side they will head left in a straight line in sets of 3 later on. Line your scope and shoot when a melon comes into sight. You'd score 50 + 150 + 250!
- Earn Gold to unlock Lola

Playing with fire:
- There no real strategy to this, but if you have a few goes you will learn the path.
- General directions; Head to the totems beyond the pond. Follow to the area where the monkeys are in Story. (Forget the bananna in the far corner). By the end you should be where the fire thing is in Story.
- Earn I think gold to get Wood Golem.

29th Jul 2003, 12:14
With the melons, if you start, run towards until you can't run anymore (what a phrase). Aim (whole the time straight forward) and then adjust your aim. You should get all the monkeys running through it and get combo's like 150 and 250. I got even more (350) so that's 7 monkeys.

Explain more?

Grtz Rayni3