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The General
24th Jul 2003, 14:22
How many of us are capable of taking part in an online game?
(or will be able to once they get the PC version?)

24th Jul 2003, 20:40
Well, I can TRY for a net game, but my connection is unbelievably slow/unreliable :/

Still, something's better than nothing. So, barring major disasters, I'm up for it :)

24th Jul 2003, 23:29
yep im well up for it once i get the game and at the moment get rid of this virus that appered from knowwhere :S

hopefully ill be able to find the pc version downtown 2morrow

/me croses his fingers

i may be a bit rusty on the game to start with but ill be up for a laugh at geting my ass kicked :p


The General
25th Jul 2003, 08:46
so thats 3 almost, dont worry if you have a crap connection (mine 56k but fine with nline games, most of the time), mines not brilliant. Infact I dont have a connection, my modem broke a few days back and I am posting from my old computer which my sister uses but my new modem should arrive today in time for any event. If not I can trythis computer but hey, whatever comes.

Mangar The Dark
25th Jul 2003, 14:57
I'd be willing to try it. Amazingly, I've NEVER played an online game before in my life, so you'd have to bear with me as I come to grips with how to set it up. Also, my modem isn't spectacular by a long shot (56k).

Are we at a point to choose characters now that there are four of us?

The General
25th Jul 2003, 19:14
dont see why not, unless somone else pops in. I will take Carter is there are no objections, which there probably isnt, not sure why so if anyone else wants to nab him they can.

I assume SuzieCroft wont want Minoko will you? Maybe I should take that char insted :)

EDIT: By the way, I now have my modem set up so I am all ready to go. Second consideration, do we got for the full game or a DM. I would think play through the game would be best but incase anyone else wants to DM or Rover race.

Mangar The Dark
25th Jul 2003, 20:22
I'd also rather not do a DM.

I'll take Andre. Now the question is, when can we all play? What countries are the rest of you in? I'm in the U.S, so if some of you are in Europe, there may be a problem with the time-zone differences (for example, when I get home from work, you people will be asleep.)

The General
26th Jul 2003, 09:43
I am in UK. As long as its just US and UK we should be able to sort somthing out, Ive done it before.
Now I am free most of the time with the odd excption of the odd day which is normaly a monday I think. So time dosnt bother me too much unless its 4 in the morning or somthing like that.

26th Jul 2003, 17:34
well i cant find the pc version inn my town so imm gonna have to go to a local city to find it

im not bothered who i am and i am also in uk


Mangar The Dark
27th Jul 2003, 01:29
Well, unfortunately, I think the time factor will be a problem for me. I work 9-5, and then eat, go out for a bit, and usually don't get online until about 9pm. Considering the six-hour time difference, that makes it 3am your time. Oh well.

Be sure to keep an active thread on here to let me know how it goes! Have fun.

The General
27th Jul 2003, 11:06
what about weekends?

29th Jul 2003, 19:25
Minoko is MINE!


I need to make a new chibi....

/goes off and amuses herself in paintshop for a few hours

The General
30th Jul 2003, 08:59
Sure you want that charecter? how about ...humm.... Andre. :)
Dont worry, I'll have Carter :)

so whats everyone elses day like then?
How would 21:00 GMT be for everyone?

30th Jul 2003, 10:39
I wouldn't mind giving it a try. And I'm not very keen on death match either. Co-op has always been the core element of PE. I'm well aware that it can take quite a long time to reach the game end in multiplayer, but it should nevertheless be all fun even if we were to give up in the meanwhile.

I live in France. Aside from working hours, I can easily tune myself to the UK time zone. And I'm an Amber fan, so if you don't mind me taking care of her... :cool:

30th Jul 2003, 13:32
Don't you mean 21:00 BST? Cuz it's summer right now... ;)

As for characterness...

The General wants Carter (now how dodgy does THAT sound?), I'm Minoko (^_^) , Mangar the Dark is Andre and Kaminari is Amber.

And, what day are we doing this?

And, I still need a new chibi.

31st Jul 2003, 11:00
For the time being, I'm available any day of the week. Your choice will be mine.

[Edit] I just realize that I have the French version of PE, but I don't think it should pose any problem whatsoever. It's actually possible to switch the game in English via the command line; it's just that the dialogues and cutscenes are in French.

The General
31st Jul 2003, 11:42
The General wants Carter (now how dodgy does THAT sound?)
Try to think of one word that cant be remotly linked like that.

How about this Friday?
Or Saturday?

31st Jul 2003, 14:17
Originally posted by The General
Try to think of one word that cant be remotly linked like that.

I can thing of several, that's what makes it so amusing ^_^;;

31st Jul 2003, 14:35
can someone take some ingame screen shots so we can out them on the board


The General
31st Jul 2003, 17:04
I can thing of several, that's what makes it so amusing ^_^;;
actualy it is impossible. There is no word that can't be linked. Of course the people who actualy found this out have exeptionaly dirty minds and they kept correcting me on words which I though could never be connected.

can someone take some ingame screen shots so we can out them on the board
of what exactly?

and how is friday people? Infact how is saturday, give us more time to get ready.

1st Aug 2003, 01:38
I'm all for the Saturday night fiever :D

1st Aug 2003, 17:25
Saturday would be infinitely better for me.

Gives me time to let everyone else in the house know I'll be hogging the PC/phone line.

And, er, download the PE patch. D'oh.

The General
1st Aug 2003, 17:46
OK, unless somone suddenly come sin and says they cant because they are on fire here is a reminder.

Saturday 2nd of August 2003
UTC (GMT/WET) 20:00
BST 21:00

in other words 9 tomorow night.

I suggest everyone takes a look round the multimatch menu system if you havn't already (while connected obviously). Unless somone else wants to I will set up the server by the above time (a few mins before to be sure).

1st Aug 2003, 17:55
Another thought, everyone:

Make sure your firewalls are configured to let Eden connect to the net. Otherwise you won't be able to play ;)

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 17:52
OK, about 2 hours to go and I though I should put my emails up incase somthing goes wrong.

UPAcontrol@hotmail.com or

if you dont see somthing at 9 bombared my account, if no one joins by 9:05 I will log off and check my mail and/or try again to set up a new server. Now I have never done a proper one with people before due to blindlingly obvious reasons so fingers crossed.

Hope to see ya all there, if not all then atleast one.... please :)

2nd Aug 2003, 18:16
Well, I'm full of intention to be there. Getting to grips with multiplayer could take a bit, though, as this is the first online game EV@!

And don't be too surprised if my PC hates me tonight. The internet has been dodgy all day today, soo...

/kills her modem


2nd Aug 2003, 18:40
I'll be there as well. Been a looong time since the last time I dived into the filth of Eden, and it's the first time I'll play at PE in multiplayer -- something I've been hoping for for ages. Oh the excitement!

I shall have a quick dinner and be back in less than 30 minutes.

2nd Aug 2003, 19:50
Ok kids, I'm good to go ^_^

All I need now is the IP number of General Carter's PC. I even patched Eden today - and, I'll be honest with you kids, patching is something I rarely if EVER do. Me = t3h lazy.

One further note - my net connection, being retarded (a 24/7 one) automatically disconnects after 2 hours (sometimes less. Virgin = t3h retards). So, don't get too disheartened if I disappear. I shall be back, worry not ;)

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:06
Ok, the system I was working on isnt. I will get the IP in my next post, this is just to let you know th eserver is not currently running. Will replky withing 60 secs hopfuly

2nd Aug 2003, 20:06
My bolts are shuddering with anticipated joy!

2nd Aug 2003, 20:08
Ok, the system I was working on isnt

Don't you just LOVE modern technology? >.>;;

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:09
Ok, from my records it SHOULD be
I hope.
I will rteurn to the forums in another 5 mins if this dosnt work. I am now settigm up the server again

2nd Aug 2003, 20:10
Who's gonna babysitting Andre? :P

2nd Aug 2003, 20:12
If no fourth person joins, he'll be his usual bot-controlled self, I should imagine.

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:18
no luck again it seams. Can one of you 2 try setting up a server insted. I am cursed with online games it seams, none seam to work. That and LAN

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:19
oh, one last attempt on mine. Try IP

back in 5 mins if this fails

2nd Aug 2003, 20:20
My IP:

2nd Aug 2003, 20:40
Odd, but my talk command ain't working anymore. I still can 'hear' you though. Don't worry if I'm staying silent :P

2nd Aug 2003, 20:43
Same here.

I need the little haxx0rs' room. brb

2nd Aug 2003, 20:48
Back in a tick.

2nd Aug 2003, 20:48
Aiie... Eden crashed :(

/kills the PC
Failing, trying again, etc. -.-;

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:49
Ok, I close dit after nothign was happening. Ok from my perepective, amber runnign roudn the place. Andre obviously not controeld and Minoko running into walls all over the place or standing and doing nothing round the steps.
What was going on?

oh and differnt names for people

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 20:50
I will create another new game, if that fails Suzie, you create one. *crosses fingers* off again then

2nd Aug 2003, 20:52
Carter was in the food serving room trying to climb through the hatch. It was quite amusing to watch ^^;

I was running about not doing an awful lot (I did open the doors to the loo, btw), and Amber was nowhere to be seen.

And Andre was being his usual, retarded self.

2nd Aug 2003, 20:53
Ok, is your IP still the same?

2nd Aug 2003, 21:01
Eden crashed again. Fecking *(^&&*%^(&*$&"£()*&!!!

2nd Aug 2003, 21:23
Suzie, if you're running WinXP or Win2K like me, you might want to try the Compatibility mode (set on Win98). It seems much more stable for me now.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:32
I'm not at the conveyor belt! I'm outside that pipe room, by the slidy floor thing. Everybody is!

Stupid chat button not working.

And yeah, I knw it's f1/f2

*(&*(*(£$(&(&( lag :(

2nd Aug 2003, 21:33
Hey, it's a first try after all ;)

Can you try the Compatibility mode?

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:33
I think your seeing somthign differnty to me atleats, like 2 games or somthing. Because I chected the minoko view and saw you running up walls in the conveyabelt room

2nd Aug 2003, 21:34
Just as everybody leaves, the chat button starts working again

/stabs eden

Will try reloading in compatibility (sp) mode.

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:35
by the way, didnt meant to insult in any commenst I was making, just trying to cover everything I could think of.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:35
General, what kind of connection do you have?

2nd Aug 2003, 21:35
@ general:


How's everybody patchwise? Did you all apply the latest patch? :)

(sorry for double post, too lazy to edit :P)

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:36
I have 56k. Suzie, would you like to start a server this time? :) Might have better luck

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:37
I have patch.
Suzie, going to set up a server. i'll go and wait.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:37
I have patch 1.02 (the latest I think).

i could try hosting the game since I have cable modem (if that's not poetry!).

2nd Aug 2003, 21:37
OK. IP as previously posted -

(I'm 56k too, and my ISP hates me, so this may not go as well. who knows.)

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:38
ok, whos settign up a server, when and whats the IP.

BTW, everyone here have an IM? better than talking in forum

2nd Aug 2003, 21:41
I'll try a server:

Just give me a few seconds

ICQ: 124962455

2nd Aug 2003, 21:43
msn - suziemq
aol - suziecroft2002
yim - suziemq
I do have icq but don't trust it

The General
2nd Aug 2003, 21:56
that did not bode well. Major leauge lag and freezing followed by a big crash at my end. Plus I have to go now.
Unless you two are going to continue I suggest we try again tomorow an hour sooner

2nd Aug 2003, 21:59
No problem, that's fine with me :P

2nd Aug 2003, 22:04

Since the largest users of the net are our American cousins, may it not be a bad idea to try at a time when they are less likely to be clogging up the system? No offence meant to any Americans. But, The net does have a noticeable slowdown. So, maybe the best time would be weekday daytime/morning. Of course this is only if everyone can make it, I appreciate not everybody is a big lazy sponging couchpotato like myself ;)

Anyway, night all. And, will try for 8 tomorrow. Mum's going to kill me. Ah, well. ^_^

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 08:29
Well it shouldnt be that much of a problem. Some time before 3 would be good to avoid California breakfast time which is a big killer, before 12 would help again for the rest. If tonight dosnt work we should try morning on another day, does anyone do anything during weekdays here? Somthing like a job?

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 08:48
whos setting up the server?

3rd Aug 2003, 09:47
Since I'm on broadband, I shall give a try at hosting the server tonight. Morning sessions aren't a bad idea at all, the net should be less crowded before midday. For the next week, it should be OK with me. I'm doubtful about the following weeks though, my working hours will certainly vary.

My IP address should stay the same for quite some time:

See you at 20:00 (21:00 Paris time) :cool:

[Edit] My Yahoo ID is ryusennin.

3rd Aug 2003, 11:24
Ok then, all :)

Well, I'm good for just about any morning between here and October. Yup, school ended back in June and I'm currently waiting on exam results before I head off for Uni. There's one week in August that might be a problem, but aside from that, both weekdays and weekends (though less weekends, because everyone else is home then, too), but aside from that...

See you tonight, folks ;)

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 14:11
I'll be waiting.

(I am ok from here till september 24/7. So we all have pleanty of time then)

3rd Aug 2003, 18:54
I'll be a little late. Fear not, I expect to come back at 20:30.

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 19:19
well do say when you return :)
I hope this time round we do better.

3rd Aug 2003, 19:42
Good evening, team mates :D

The server is running!

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 19:43
i'm going on.

3rd Aug 2003, 19:54
We're online Suzie. Check the IP above if you want to join :)

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 20:42
split game seasm to be a big problem, I supose the reason there no patch for it is becasiue this is the first online game.

Do you think Core will put out a patch?

3rd Aug 2003, 20:45
I restarted the server :)

I doubt Core will release another patch for PE. But there have been two patches already in the past for the game. Did you install the latest one (1.02) ?


The General
3rd Aug 2003, 21:05
[yes I have the latest patch]

dam thing disconnected and crashed. luck there was no split that time

3rd Aug 2003, 21:08
Strange thing happened. Amber is supposed to enter the hazard room and hold the other door, which is supposed to deactivate the gaz. But it obviously didn't. We should try again, hope the save state is working...

Restarting the server!

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 21:09
no, its a holding door open job, you cant stop the gas

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 21:24
well I have to dash ahead of schedule. Sort somthing out for tomorow maybe, but I cant stand around right now. I will check back in the morning.

Oh and for thos eintersetd int he progress, we got to second level when the ship arroves to get the scientists

3rd Aug 2003, 21:25
Yep, I remembered it finally.

I will have a pick at the forum at 10:00 AM tomorrow (British time). Have a good night!

The General
3rd Aug 2003, 21:25
oh and can I ask those playing the game to be signed into IMs, saves talking in forums :)
Most popular in ProE history this is probably. Actualy I havn't a clue if it is.

3rd Aug 2003, 21:28

MSN: MastahKam
Yahoo: Ryusennin

Will see you tomorrow. Suzie, we count on you!

4th Aug 2003, 10:45
My apologies for being a no-show last night, comrades. I had a throbbing headache and was kicked off the PC prior to 8 last night by my BRAT of a younger brother (although I had been on the net all day trying to patch Neverwinter *trails off grumbling*)

With any luck things should be better though, as Bart is now off on camp... however as I write this, I'm getting a demonstration of what could possibly be a very good contender for LOUSIEST CONNECTION EVER...


You know, this could quite easily be the longest PE thread that's actually managed to stay (for the most part) On Topic... :)

4th Aug 2003, 15:31
Hehe, welcome to the club :cool:

My provider was acting up again this morning, thus I couldn't check whether the General was around or not. Hopefully we can agree on tomorrow morning for another session at 10:00 AM (British time).

It went quite well yesterday, thanks perhaps to my broadband connection, until we reached the biohazard lab in Level 2 -- sudden split-ups forced us to call it a day after a couple attempts at restarting the level. I hope we'll have better luck next time, because this is great fun. And let's check again that we all have the latest 1.02 patch :p

The General
4th Aug 2003, 18:55
So when to do ProE-game3?

How would Tuesday 11:00 BST be?
(if this isnt sorted tonight, better make it day after)

4th Aug 2003, 21:26
That suits me pretty well :)

See you tomorrow!

The General
5th Aug 2003, 08:25
good, migth get some where this time.

hope suzie reads this in the next hour and a half.

5th Aug 2003, 10:08
I'm here, folks :cool:

The server will be ready in a minute or two. Waiting for you!

5th Aug 2003, 10:14
I'm on Yahoo if you need to contact me :)

5th Aug 2003, 11:51
Btw, do you know any good UK online discount shop that could sell me a copy of PE? And that would ship it in the European Union too? :p

Bye for now! :cool:

The General
5th Aug 2003, 11:56
could try Ebay.

Well that session didnt go brilliant, particulay with my IP prob. I thionk next time we find the prob we should not bother with save games and just pick a difernet level to play on, less chronological way of playing. Are any MP maps cooperative insted of death match by the way?

The General
5th Aug 2003, 16:29
So, time for game 4?
Tomorow same time?

5th Aug 2003, 18:52
Sounds good to me.

11am, right?

The General
6th Aug 2003, 09:57
I'm on for it

The General
6th Aug 2003, 11:21
note to future. Don't try setting up servers on 56k

9th Aug 2003, 17:22
Unless you enjoy pain, of course.

The General
9th Aug 2003, 18:01
are we going to make another attempt?