View Full Version : PS2 - Stuck at BOAZ (cant shoot back pods)

23rd Jul 2003, 20:16
I cannot get past "Boaz Returns" (Tomb Raider, Angel of Darkness). The sluggish, and slow Kurtis only aims at the front two green "pods" on the monster Boaz. I cannot get him to fire at the back two.

I read if you are not able to target the correct pod to press the "Switch Target" button. I also read the Switch Target button was the same as the "Stealth" button L2 - only press it when your weapon is out.

Well, this does not work. Kurtis will put his gun away and go into the Stealth mode or do nothing at all. He will shoot the walls, front 2 pods and face - but not the back two!

I wish Lara was fighting Boaz - she would kick his hiney! This Kurtis guy is just too sluggish and slow!

PLEASE HELP!!!!! (For PS2)

24th Jul 2003, 12:16
i read on a walkthrough yesterday it was square to switch target:confused:

i also found it easier to shoot its pods if youre standing right next to its side, its near impossible from the front

27th Jul 2003, 23:10
Thank you useing Square dose work i just tryed it and its got it on the first try Thanks very much:D

28th Jul 2003, 01:44
Thank you so much! The square button did it!

31st Jul 2003, 12:02
What should you do when you are running the game on pc.. What is aiming on pc?

31st Jul 2003, 17:29
roll button (end) to switch

5th Aug 2003, 01:10
I am running the PC version, and I can't shoot of the back lids. I tried the Roll key but it didn't help. I found that before I can shoot the back lids, I must shoot head on to provoke it to spray the ooze. From there I can navigate to the back. The problem then is I run out of ammo (it was totally bogus only getting a clip at a time), and then the beast clocks Kurtis with its tail. Game over. Any advice. I really would like to see the end of the game.
If I didn't ask for it, I don't want it.

5th Aug 2003, 09:16
i found it easiest to run right up to its/her side, as she fires the green stuff too far and completely misses you. from there you can shoot at the pods without being oozed or whacked by her tail

note: try putting your gun away before you move to the side, as he's impossible to control with it out

5th Aug 2003, 22:57
Many thanks. between the use of the END key and the standing close to the side, I was successful.

6th Aug 2003, 16:52
Oh My God...

In 1.37 sec. I beated boaz's carrier very ass..
After that it took me about 30 sec. to beat boaz herself, what a tragedy what happened to kurtis:(

7th Aug 2003, 19:45
He will NOT shoot at the back pods!! I've had him right up to them a few times and he still aims for the front! or he fires straight and nothing happens? It's impossible to control him or Lara with the weapons drawn! I have tried the roll key and nothing happens. I want Lara back! Kurtis is too slow. He needs to lose weight he's too stocky!!

7th Aug 2003, 23:48
I had the same issue. The END key really did work. did you press and release or hold it continously? Do whatever it takes to make it work for you.

9th Aug 2003, 13:37
the best way to kill boz is to stand in the corner blast her head then start blasting the pods use the end or roll key to switch targets you can pick up more ammo on the other side on the floor it will keep appearing when you run out this works everytime for me.

10th Aug 2003, 04:08
Like someone said, u cant use ur manual shooting , because when i try to enter in stealth mode with my gun, she holster the gun and after go stealth. An other major problem is, i cant put vibration on (im on ps2), since there are no way to change the button config, how im i suppose to put vibe on??.

Btw, is it normal that with Kurtis i have 1126 clip od is 9mm gun?? and 926 shard?? And 112 9mm guns?? And where is the 2 weapons fighting with Lara ??? Btw an other thing, i cant deliver punch, only quick, i tried a lots of thing but no puch. And for the automatic aiming, its not triangle, but some say it square its a bit too latyew, cus when i saw all this i return the game, i tough it was a disk problem, but no, it seems its a game problem. well i8 hope u can anwser all those questions, maybe if it sound good, i will rebuy it later :) I hope i have forgot nothing, i like the game but when u wait for something better, i was decive by all that, i hope that all that can be fix on the ps2!:)