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23rd Jul 2003, 20:16
hey, im lookin for some pics of the cool trenchoats some of the characters wear, and i cant find any good ones...
if you people have some, could u post em plz?

i might get a coat custom made...like Walton Simons'...hehe:)

23rd Jul 2003, 23:27
I'm seriously thinking about going to a local clothing maker place and making a replica of JC's trenchcoat and everything, I think that'd look cool!

23rd Jul 2003, 23:48
me too...i asked around about prices...
im guessin it'd be pretty expensive...

24th Jul 2003, 18:14
Originally posted by Tachyon
i might get a coat custom made...like Walton Simons'...hehe:)

Yes, Walton Simons is a good choice!!

24th Jul 2003, 21:30
hehe yes...
i wish i could get a good enough ref pic
how much do you think a custom coat like his would be?

24th Jul 2003, 23:08
Depending on the quality of the Leather I'd presume... Check google for the Company that is producing the licensed Indiana Jones Leather Jacket...
There you'll find things like Blade's Trenchcoat and stuff which SHOULD give you an idea about the cost...