View Full Version : Some advice please!!

23rd Jul 2003, 19:45
My daughter has been playing one of The Sims titles on her friend's pc, I know that our piece of trash, whoops I mean computer, probably wont run it, so I want to buy it on PS2! Sooooo my question is - is it as good an experience on the console as on the pc????? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :D


25th Jul 2003, 13:16
from what i here the game is better on the console. ie for ps2 the sims has more items and is updated as it is a new version. if i had the choice i would buy it on ps2

25th Jul 2003, 18:28
Thanks for the information Louise!!!! :D It's dead round here isn't it..............I can hear the wind blowing..............and echoes round the place - LOL!!! Thanks anyways!!! :p