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23rd Jul 2003, 13:48
hi i am touring europe and bought traod in france as i was eager to play the game. i bought it thinking it would have multi language support but no. could someone give me the controls in english as i am having problems with french. thanks:)

24th Jul 2003, 12:49
up arrow=forward
down=backwards (doesn't tap back, only walks back now???)
left=turn left
right=turn right
tap shift=walk
hold shift+left/right=sidestep
num1+enter=commando crawl
num0 whilst running=sprint (only avail. after 'galleries under seige')
alt when under ledge/climbable item (ie monkey bars)=grab item
alt+arrow=jump in that direction (cant do a roll in mid-jump anymore)
alt underwater=swim
alt underwater+arrow=turn + swim
up whilst next to small object=vault onto it
ctrl=let go of whatever she's grabbed onto/pick up item/fire/use item/switch etc.
ctrl whilst fighting = 1x punch
2x punch twice
1x + hold down kick
3x + hold down each one kick x3 (kills most humans )
1x whilst behind someone insta-kill
ctrl+up next to water's edge=climb out
enter=stealth (for sneaking up to use insta-kill)
ctrl whilst stealth=hug wall
left/right whilst hugging wall=move/look round corners
space=draw weapons
end with weapons out=change target (essencial for killing boaz)
f5=quick save
f9=quick load

same for kurtis without sprint
also dont need to turn round for safety drop, does it automatically - just press ctrl next to the edge

i think thats it