View Full Version : Listen to a song about Lara

23rd Jul 2003, 11:02
Hi. TR fans who are also music lovers, I thought you might be interested in this... If you'd like to listen to my band's song about Lara Croft, you can listen to/download it at www.trle.net. Look in the forums under Small Talk and then Songs about Lara. The song is called (Wish I could be like) Lara Croft and the lyrics are in a post under To Administration. Hope you enjoy! :D

26th Jul 2003, 17:08
Btw, if the Eidos people ever come here, at least to check out what the games buyers really think, once in a while, I invite them also to listen to the song. Maybe it could sound interesting for some future game or even a movie... Now, don't think only the U2 and other less known pro bands can make interesting things... Do take a pick and remember I'm perfectly reachable by email.