View Full Version : No loading times?

23rd Jul 2003, 09:34
will the game use similar streaming tech as it did on SR2 and SR? even though its chapter based?

Matt from Spam Buddies
23rd Jul 2003, 10:23

They'll probably have loading times between the chapters (I hope they will be swift) and streaming off the CD in-game.

So partly it will be both like TLOKS-BO2 and TLOKS-SR2, I'd guess.

- Matthew

23rd Jul 2003, 11:14
We can only hope!!!

vampire of balance
24th Jul 2003, 04:31
Maybe CD switch chapters when Kain and Raziel meets, so there is no need of loadin times..

24th Jul 2003, 21:08
I don't think they'd meet often enough for that.

plus it would be far too much like some relay race to play.:D :p

I think it'll probably be done via cut scene. At the end of the chapter for one (say raziel) it'll switch to a cutscene showing what kain now up to like we'd see in a movie

Umah Bloodomen
25th Jul 2003, 00:44
I agree with fneh and would like to suggest the fact that the beginning of chapters (much like what was done in BO2) will serve as a load time.

vampire of balance
25th Jul 2003, 07:50
I think, if there is loading betwåån chapters, it will be like loading SR2 save --> 2-3 seconds of loading time

25th Jul 2003, 08:10
Man, I miss the SR1 seamlessness. :(

But I guess I could compromise.

25th Jul 2003, 20:12
I think there will only be loading when ever the game needs an area that isn't next to where you already are. Adjacant areas are already in memory.