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23rd Jul 2003, 05:29
Hey everyone, hope you're having a good night/day/whatever timezone you may be in. Anyway my buddy was over and watched me play through a bit of SR2 (as to keep it fresh in my memory for LOK: D) We just finished watching the scene where Raziel finally meets Janos and there was something that struck me about the conversation. Now this may have been discussed before and if so, I apologize but I noticed that when Raziel asks Janos about why the other original guardians of the pillars could not sustain their life while Janos could, and Janos simply replied "I don't know"

The thought that I came up with (and I know this first part has been discussed before) is that Janos killed the former cirlcle, buy why? We all ask, because the pillars themselves corrupt the guardians and when Janos took notice of the corruption he eliminated the circle, much like what Kain did in BO1. IMO the pillars seem to have a reputation of corruption, so perhaps they could be responsible. This was just a random thought, and if you read it, any thoughts on it are welcome, have a good night/day everybody.

23rd Jul 2003, 06:33
That's interesting. I could see an entire game where you play as Janos and have to kill your smurfy-lookin brethren.

23rd Jul 2003, 12:14
i only half agree with your opinion there. if the pillers corrupted the guardians then they would have fallen long before kain ever came into the picture, so i disagree with that part but, Janos killing the rest of the guardians because they became corrupt for other reasons does make sense tho, and is actually a really cool idea.

23rd Jul 2003, 16:24
Ok, let me alter my theory a little bit, I agree with what you said Osyris, so perhaps instead of the pillars corrupting the guardians, they just make the guardians much more suseptalbe (sp?)
to corruption

23rd Jul 2003, 18:21

It wouldn't work. Good idea but:

nupraptor corrupted the circle after he found ariels dead body. That's why the pillars went all grey and cracked upon the instant he sent shockwaves throughout the circle. The pillars reflect their guardians.

Evelin The Winged
23rd Jul 2003, 18:26
A. Janos got drunk and killed the circle.
B. Janos can walk and do things in his sleep. He had a nightmare that he killed all the gaurdians and he wakes up the next morning to find them dead. Silly Janos.:p

OK, theory 'A' is a load of bull, but theory 'B' could have happened! An Ancient can sleep, can't it?...uh...Can't it?!

23rd Jul 2003, 20:49
I also agree with the part of Janos killing the former circle because what else could have happened to the circle unless it has to do with EG/Hylden or Moebious doing something to them since they're the ones that have the power to do that.