View Full Version : TS2 glitches : the never ending story

23rd Jul 2003, 00:26
Still enduring my ongoing battle with corruption in MapMaker, I come across a new problem every day.

- Stage music troubles: Music for Ufopia, Cyberden, Atomsmasher, Neo Tokyo, Goteki TS Remix + several others will stuff up like a stuck CD as soon as the stage starts. No matter how many times I try it still does it. Sometimes when I start, the stage begins with no sound and locks-up seconds later. The worst of all is the Hospital; music cuts of at anytime and locks-up without warning.
This problem had only started last week and it won't go away.

- Another problem is when I want to play a Custom story map. When I choose the game mode, it tells me "This stage has no Story set-up" when it does. I have to play it in preview.
This problem comes and goes.

Please help me as I think its just the game but it could be happening to you too!

24th Jul 2003, 22:18
Thanks mate, my game is going back right now!

28th Jul 2003, 09:10
Are you sure you have put Objectives on your story maps?

29th Jul 2003, 03:50
Are you questioning my Grey Matter, Iiro? Of course I put objectives in the stages 'cos I had to play them in Preview.
Thanks Matrix man for your support, my new copy is free of music probs and I found a way to aviod Corrution - make simple maps!
I'm having fun again!