View Full Version : Catastrophical graphic problem

23rd Jul 2003, 00:04
At "Monstrum Crimescene" level I go out of the jeep, explore a bit, kill everything that moves... you know, the usual. But then I go into the sewers and, surprise! Some walls are transparent, the rest are completely black and only two rooms are visible (through the walls of course).

I have a Pentium 1700, 128 MG RAM, Geforce 2 with all drivers updated. I also aplied the patch and reinstalled the game but still I can´t see a damn thing, what really tips me off since it went smooth to the moment except for one minor glitch of the shotgun not showing in Lara´s hands.

What can I do?

24th Jul 2003, 17:07
I too have this problem! It comes up persistently in specific spots in the game, such as: the alley behind the Serpent, the sewers below the louvre when I'm about to blow the oil tanks and most recently - the flame level in the Hall of seasons. The others I could work around, as it wasn't like that for long, I could just move a bit and it'd go away, but its making the flame level totally unplayable!

I'm running:
128MB e-GeForce FX 5200 Light Version
128MB of RAM
30 GIG hard drive
Duron 500 processor

I'm downloading the latest driver from NVidia now:

Maybe that will fix the problem, but somehow I don't think so!

Glad to hear someone else is having this problem, maybe that way it'll get fixed!