View Full Version : We need a mod.

22nd Jul 2003, 18:56
Who do we go to to ask for one?

22nd Jul 2003, 20:57
you have to bug redleg by pokeing him alot or u have to show grey mouser some special basketball tricks to get them to put a mod here

if that made any sense at all ???


24th Jul 2003, 08:25
I don't think PE gets enough traffic to require another one, unfortunately.:(

The General
24th Jul 2003, 16:03
I think its safe to say there are no mods, patches, sequals or anything liek that coming from Edios.

But I supose if we scream loud enough for just a very basic map editor from Core, it would be a starting point and create a small rush of community activity with new multiplayer maps and mini missions?
It wont be too much effort on their part would it and it would revive a bit of the community to a minimum level, then its up to us or a miricel.

24th Jul 2003, 20:43
I think we stand more chance hoping for that miracle, unfortunatly.

Unless of course PE2 comes out and loads of people love it and we get craploads of traffic and... :D

[/hopeless optimism]

25th Jul 2003, 01:04
I think we do not need a mod for now simply 'cause we're a little group of nice people... I guess :D Mods and any kind of patroling is for naughty geeks.

25th Jul 2003, 23:57
Well said, Invader. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/anim-laughltblu.gif

Still, we might need one in the future when they bring out PE2. ;)

Hey, we can dream can't we...?


26th Jul 2003, 01:48
we may need a couple when the games released ;)

it will be so busy there will be so much activity

/djz then wakes up from his dream


27th Jul 2003, 17:03
Nobody can stops us from dreaming. Afterall they made PE out of a dream I guess.