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22nd Jul 2003, 17:54
I'm stuck! In the Strahov Prague Level! After u climb down the ladder and go through the door in the werehouse-like room with the trucks (after destroying the two cameras with the big magnet-thingy)..... what do u do, where do u go and how the #¤¤%&/¤/¤" do u get past the stacked boxes in the area where the two dogs snarl at u through the fence!? I tried climbing the boxes and crossing the fence, but the steam from the pipes in the ceiling got me every time! And stupid me accidentaly saved after pulling and pushing and re-arranging the boxes and now i'm STUCK! So pretty please...... a tip..... anyone!!?? :confused:

23rd Jul 2003, 06:10
when you arrange the boxes correctly shell say 'im stronger'
then follow the steamy pipe round to the vent thing with the valve, pull + push the boxes (the one on to of the other) next to the vent thing and jump up. then turn the valve, drop down, go onto the boxes by the fence, jump up tho the pole, press num1 to bring legs up and climb across

Good luck!!! :D

BTW you can shoot the dogs through the fence