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22nd Jul 2003, 16:48
on the first level when i make lara go up the drain pipe it crashes. & also the computer restarts it self can some please tell me how to fix these problem how do i stop computer restarting it self and the monitor turns it self off but the computer is still on whats make it do this please tell me.

28th Jul 2003, 07:20
I'm having similar problems:

- PC reboots at random point in time during gameplay;
- Game freezes my machine displaying a blue screen (no BSOD, just blue).

I'm running on a PIII/866 384MB Radeon 9600Pro/128MB, XP/DX9.0a/Latest Catalyst drivers.

Last thing I tried was installing those latest Catalyst drivers, but I haven't reinstalled DX afterwards like mentioned in the FAQ. I recon I'll try that in the near future and maybe upgrade to 9.0b while I'm at it.

And before you say anything, yes, I tried installing patch 42.

30th Jul 2003, 11:05
AHH so im not the only person whos been ripping there hair out! ive got the exact same problem Paljas

i finaly thought i wonder if anyyone on the tombraider forum has the same prob, andvoilla
now im not computer illetirate, but i also have no idea how to do nething techy ( hense why imma prob fail a level ict, but thats another story)
so if u fix this annyoing problem , can u tell me how 2 plllleeaassee :D

if i havnt fixed it by 2morrow the games getting returned, as much as ive got into the game and i think its ace, im impatient, and can spent my £30 on shoes lol
i got al lthe other tombraiders for playstation but coz im a cheepo n dont havve £100 lying around to buy a ps2, i had to get the pc version, n 2 b honist it would be so much easier to take £100 out my car fund lol

neway someone, ne1, please help a lil confused fairy :confused:
clairey fairy

30th Jul 2003, 11:30

please help someone :( :(


30th Jul 2003, 15:26
I'm suspecting it has something to do with my videocard. I've only recently acquired my Radeon 9600 Pro. I didn't have the game before I changed my card, so I can't compare situations. However I did notice that two other games have the same problem, one of which is Age of Mythology. After only a few seconds of gameplay the game completely freezes.

I tried loads of tricks, including older Catalyst drivers, all kinds of DirectX versions, hardware settings, such as 2xAGP as opposed to 4x default of my mainboard, etc etc...

Still I would like to hear if anyone could confirm that this is a Radeon 9600 Pro or Catalyst driver issue...

(I had the luxury of being able to try another 9600 Pro, with the same results. Chances are small that it's defective hardware.)

30th Jul 2003, 21:11
i managed to fix mine, i ran windows update, reinstalled all my drivers to the latest ones ( turns out i had all the latest oes but reinstalled em neway just incase) none them fixed it,so i off i went into the games setting and i pushed random buttons, and fixed it.
so incase urs still dont work
open tombraider click settings n change render type from shader hardware, to fixed function hardware, n i managed to go from about 2 min of game play without it restarting my pc, to a full 8 hours of gameplay 2day and it still hasnt crashed * touch wood* so either i managed to fix it, or a lil fairy came n blessed my pc lol, ( b a first if i managed to fix somthing, so lets presume that fairys possibally do exist)

n to prove my inability too fix things, i had to make a stock control program using advanced features in excel, i somehow managed to write a macro that instead of copying some data from one cel to another, actually crashed all 18 pcs in the cluster n we still dunno how lol
well ill stop rambeling, bysey

fairy face

1st Aug 2003, 23:05
Ah-ha! I'm having the same issues; the game freezes very frequently in certain areas. They are: every single time I try to climb the drainpipe in the training level, when I am on top of the lighting rig in the Serpent Rouge, in the large Bio greenhouse area......in these areas the game just freezes about every 2 minutes, making it almost inpossible to progress.
My PC more than matches the recommended requirements, and I have the latest drivers and the patch.
I'll try what you said, Claire......hope it works, I am getting really sick of this.

2nd Aug 2003, 10:25
Claire thanks for the help, and I'm it works for you. It doesn't do a very good job here though. You got any luck Raven?

2nd Aug 2003, 15:33
Have you guys tried turning all running programs off before starting AOD?
Programs like Norton security can cause problems......
To shut down programs press CTRL+ALT+DEL and selct the programs you wish to shut down..... Systray and explorer need to be running (for winME, dunno if it's the same for other OS).....
You could also try disabling sleep mode and stuff (it helped with my puter)..... Go to the Control Setting panel and click on Screen (dunno the correct English terms :confused: )... Look at the Energy Settings in the Screen safety tab (or something like that :D )...... You can disable those things, but just remember to turn them back on (if you want to) after you've finished playing the game... :)

2nd Aug 2003, 16:13
Originally posted by Paljas
Claire thanks for the help, and I'm it works for you. It doesn't do a very good job here though. You got any luck Raven?

Yes! It worked, perfectly!! I'm here to shower Claire in hugs, kisses and chocolates for solving this for me. It was getting to the point where I couldn't play any more-the game was even freezing during cutscenes.
I've just played through the whole of the Serpent Rouge without a single lockup, and what's more the graphics seem smoother as well with fewer missing/blinking textures.
It wouldn't have occurred to me to change this setting on my own, as I don't really understand what it means anyway.....
Thanks so much Claire. You've saved my monitor, and my forehead, from getting dented.

Paljas, sorry it didn't work for you though.....:( Maybe try changing other settings at random? Unscientific I know but it seems to have worked for some people.

2nd Aug 2003, 19:04
Once again, everybody's happy, except me ;). Randomness has never been my best pal...

7th Aug 2003, 04:52
Yup...... I'm having the same issues, the game freezes every time I try to climb the drainpipe in the training level. And until now I'm still in that area :))
My PC use ASUS V8170 DDR 64MB Gforce 4 mx 440, and I have the latest drivers and the patch. I'll try what you all do to fixed it I hope it will work.

7th Aug 2003, 05:45
If that doesn't work for you, hulk, you may just have to get a savegame after Lara's climbed the pipe and load that. I can send you one if you need it, but in my experience, if you don't get the freeze problem sorted out the game will just freeze in other places as well.......
I did contact Eidos support about this issue, but never got a reply :rolleyes:

7th Aug 2003, 12:07
:mad: It didn't work, I have try to change the setting in random and it still freeze :mad: Thank you for your help for the save game raven and I guess you are right if I don't get the freeze problem when I try to climb the drainpipe the game will freeze in other places like you said. Because the game some time also freeze when I fall from the bin :( and the weird thing I can play the game without the CD (I didn't crack the game) :confused: and it's still freeze, wether I used the CD or not.

7th Aug 2003, 12:13
glad i could b of help raven,
how far u got with the game?
i got as far as the boaz returns of what eva, a few daysa go, but coz of the almost 100 deg wether here i spent all week in the garden, im only inside now to get ready for my drivin lesson
( its only my 2nd lesson)

9th Aug 2003, 01:05
I've finished the game now, actually I had finished it before you solved my freeze problem, but only with the help of savegames, and after having to play some areas dozens of times over :rolleyes: I'm now replaying it with nooooooooo problems, and all the missing textures gloriously restored :)
hulk, sorry that didn't sort things out for you.....there seems to be a lot of variation as to how well the game will run on different systems. If I were you I'd email Eidos about it, and if they don't answer email them again. Have you read the AoD FAQS at the Eidos TR site? (tech support area) There are a number of things you can try to solve problems with the game.......

10th Aug 2003, 09:38
cool@ completing the game, im still on boaz returns, its been soooo ot here recently, i havnt bairly moved fro mthe garden, it looks like its gonna b a right GIT of a level, so i keep avoiding it o sunbathe, u got ne tips other than shoot the hell outa it n run like hell?

clairey xxx

12th Aug 2003, 06:31
It still freezes up on me :mad: . However the list of games that do that is expanding. So I recon it's not really game specific.

12th Aug 2003, 10:44
i finnished the game yesterday yay, omg how easy is the final boss?
took like a few min to kill no health packs, should have been harder, still good tho