View Full Version : Ok Guys, I need some help! Site in jeopardy!

22nd Jul 2003, 16:29
As most of you have seen, my site is suspended again. My bandwidth has been over 40 times this month so far.

I need to upgrade my account so I'll have more bandwidth but I have to pay with a credit card, that's the only payment they'll accept. I'm not allowed to use credit cards over the internet, so there goes that idea!

I can also purchase a .com address and pay by cheque, however this will be very costly, and I'm not sure yet if I can do this.

If any of you have suggestions I'd be most grateful to hear from you. Raid on!


23rd Jul 2003, 05:49
Doesn't your ISP provide some free web space as well?

23rd Jul 2003, 14:48
Yes, but only a couple of MB, and as for bandwidth they offer next to none