View Full Version : AJ on Jay Leno last night

22nd Jul 2003, 15:39
I usually don't watch this show, but I found out she was on about 2 minutes beforehand. Lucky me. Did anyone else know about this? Did anyone watch it? I though it was pretty cool and interesting.

22nd Jul 2003, 15:50
i watched it :) thats soo kewl she has a house in isolation in the middle of the jungle! what a life hu? :p

22nd Jul 2003, 15:55
No electricity either. That, to most people, would be tough to live with[out].
And I must say that AJ looked stunningly beautiful in that dress:eek:

22nd Jul 2003, 15:58
yes she did :), but she's soo skinny! she should stop by and my mum will cook her a huge italian meal so she can put on an extra few pounds :p

22nd Jul 2003, 16:05
Can I come over too? I'm skinny also. Probably skinnier than her...:o

22nd Jul 2003, 16:35
yikes :eek: we'll be sure to fill you up w/ spaghetti and what not ;)

22nd Jul 2003, 18:42
I don't know what day for sure, but AJ is going to be on the View sometime this week. If you feel like getting up at 11 am to watch it...... ;)

22nd Jul 2003, 19:59
ill be sleeping! :p Agelina is going to be on Entertainment Tonight, tonight at 7:30 .... and if anyone wanted to know, Colin Farrell is gonna be on Access Hollywood at 7:00 :p

22nd Jul 2003, 21:12
Well thank you Miss Information. :p ;)

*cough* Colin Ferrell stalker! *cough cough*


22nd Jul 2003, 22:53
no probs ;)

***caugh*** shakira stalker! ***caugh***


23rd Jul 2003, 00:28
You know what's coming now, don't you? ;) :p

At least, I'm not looking online trying to find Shakira look-a-likes, like someone I know who's doing that for Colin Ferrell look-a-likes..... ;)


23rd Jul 2003, 00:40
I can't remember what I was watching, but apparently Billy Bob wants to reconcile with AJ. Supposedly he's been calling her wanting to talk things out with her.

What do you think about that?

23rd Jul 2003, 00:50
yeah i heard that too. in US Weekly, he said that he will always love and they'll always be friends... yet Angelina said to barbra walters that they do not talk any more.

i dont think she should be back w/ him... she was really really wilder than usual when she was with him. and she has maddox now, and i think thats one of the reasons why her and billy split up. but i highly doubt they'll get back together. i think angelina needs/wants to be single for a bit.

Lil Lara
23rd Jul 2003, 02:22
I heard that she will be co-hosting the View this Thursday. *yay*

Sadly, I missed Leno last night. :(

23rd Jul 2003, 16:05
Hmm, the View, eh? Kinda a , erm, womanish show, erm, but I think I'll watch it just to see AJ;)