View Full Version : World Record predictions for 2004.

22nd Jul 2003, 12:26
Hey guys, I was just wondering what your World Record predictions were for 2004? I mean what do you think the World High Scores on NGC-Elites will be in 2004?

I was just shocked by watching Josh's 27.1 sec video of Silent But Deadly, and I realized that anything is possible! I still wonder if it is possible to get 15.9 on NeoTokyo... Hmmm....

22nd Jul 2003, 13:27
Okay, this could take a while; here are some scores that should be achieved;
Pane in the Neck: 4.8
Bricking it: err..15.x is highly unlikely, yet possible
Stain Removal: 26.x
Fighting Off the Living Dead: 2 mil
Serigios Last Stand: 750,000
Day of the Dammed: 200,000
Silent But Deadly: 26.7
Trouble at the Docks: 13.2
Escape From NeoTokyo: err...
Gone Bananas: 40.0
Monkey Business: 40.6
Playing with Fire: 8.5 (8.6 is possible, but I don't know if anyone has the skill/patience to get it)
Badass Buspass Impasse: 38.x
But Where do the batteries Go: 1:55.9
Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time: 51.0
Simian Shootout: err...
Monkey Mayhem: err...
Dam Bursters: 19,000
Adios Amigos: 17.5
Casualty: 25.x
Top Shot: err...
Chastity Chased: 46.9
Shrinking from the Cold: 24.0
Scrap Metal: 53.0
Night Shift: 105 frags
Spoils of war: 1:05.0 or less
Demolition Derby: 85 frags
Club Soda: 48.0
Station Stand: err...
Men in Gray: err....
Cold Corpse Caper: 98 frags
Killer Queen: 40.0
R109 Beta: 95 frags
Baking for the Taking: err..
Brace Yourself: 48.0
Starship Whoopers: 60 frags
Chinese Burns: 29.x
Snow Business: 19.x
RocketMan: 49.x
Someone Has Got to Pay: 105 frags
Time to Split: 49.x
Can't Handle this: 1:18.x
Hack a Hacker: 40.x
Rice Cracker Rush: err..
Superfly Lady: err...
Babes in the WOods: 65 frags
Double Bill: 48.x
Nikki Jinki Bricky: 40.x
If I'm Ugly, you smell!: err..
Golem Guru: 40.x
Golden Thighs: 23.2
Hangar Hats Off: 49.x
Can't Please EVeryone: 1:40.3-1:40.5, maxed?
Big Top Blowout: 75 frags
Bags of fun: err....14 is maxed, with current strat
They're Not Pets: 115 frags
Nice Threads: 49.9
Aztec the Dino Hunter: 128 frags
Half Death: 45.x
Dead Fraction: 45.x
Anaconda PS2: 16,000
Anaconda GC: err...22,000 at least is possible
AstroLander Easy: 268,000
AstroLander Medium: 240,000
AstroLander Hard: 215, 000
RetroRacer: 57.2x

All of those scores are achievable, and most of them should be achieved soon, if not some by the end of this year.