View Full Version : The Introduction Thread

22nd Jul 2003, 10:40
Like the title said.. Introduce yourself!
Who are you? Where're you from?
With all the new folks coming in, we hardly have time to get to know eachother!

Errr... I think that pretty much sums it up... I'm not much of a talk show host, I know.. :o
So, without further adue; Over to you guys! :D

*drum roll and flashy lights*

6th Aug 2003, 20:39
eh if you searched the chat you can see that I eh already been chatin before I introduced my self. My name is John, I live IL So that raps it up see yay in the chat!

ps if theres anything else yay need to know just post it!

11th Aug 2003, 18:45
my name is matt and i liv somewere in england