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Mr. Croft
22nd Jul 2003, 09:25
Mine's TR:TLR. I really can't understand why everyone loved that game, in some parts the control was a crap!

Mangar The Dark
23rd Jul 2003, 02:04
Originally posted by Mr. Croft
Mine's TR:TLR. I really can't understand why everyone loved that game, in some parts the control was a crap!

The controls were identical to the previous TR games, at least on the PC version. As for why I felt it was the best--

TLR has
1. Best puzzles
2. Best story (at least I knew what the story was, in previous TR games, I usually didn't care enough to follow it.)
3. Best graphics (before AOD)
4. Most levels
5. Lots of interesting locations both fictional and real
6. Best ending (certainly most dramatic)
7. No more mansion-- A new idea was finally implemented! YAY!

My vote for the worst TR game goes to TR2 because--

1. WAY too many fights. TR, for me, is the best when it's about exploring and solving puzzles, not shooting.
2. Horribly slow framerate on many levels. I don't know why on two of my computers, I can play every other TR game fine, but TR2 crawls at an unbearably slow pace (I have 1.8 ghz... come on!)
3. Couldn't really follow the plot as well as I'd like because the characters had such thick accents.
4. Puzzles just seemed silly. Pulling a lever to open a door in a tomb kind of made sense, but doing the exact same thing on the (surprisingly empty) streets of Venice was a bit odd.

23rd Jul 2003, 20:14
I agree with Mangar here. I don't understand why so many people liked TR II. The whole Venice level did seem a bit out of place to me. But then again, any urban environment seems out of place in a 'TOMB' Raider game. TR II also introduced the dreaded vehicles, IMO one of the biggest pains of any TR game.

25th Jul 2003, 11:37
Mine is Tr3.......the India level seemed endless and the puzzles....some of them didn't even make sense to me:|.....found my way out by using a walkthrough.

25th Jul 2003, 19:34
I realy don't like TLR. It is the only TR that I didn't finish.

As an example: when you where in level 6 you pussed a button that opened a door in level 3, so you had to return to level 3 to get a key, to unlock a door in level 4, to pull a lever to get a trinket in level 2 so you had to return to level 6 to find out that you got the wrong trinket...:S

I know that it is not how it went, but this is how it felt to me, If you didn't play the game for a few days, because of no time etc, I forgot where I was, what I had to do and why.


29th Jul 2003, 15:01

I actually rather liked going back to other levels! I thought TLR was fantastic - and I quite liked Chronicles too!

Hated AOD by the end - but enough has been said elsewhere on that by others (and me)!

1st Aug 2003, 19:45
Hey Raiders.

I personally don't think there was a bad Tomb Raider game. I do think that some of the levels were awful though. I wish I could put all of my favorite levels into one game! That would be Fabulous! I also never played any of the "special / gold " addition games.


I also agree with Mangar....I loved TRLR... that is my Fav game, BUT I did/do miss the mansion!

2nd Aug 2003, 19:18
AOD is definately the worst, followed by TLR. AOD was just too buggy, too short, too dark...it just didn't feel right. TLR started off fine but I was sick of Egypt by the end of it. And the removal of Lara's Home sort of pissed me off (I couldn't stand the annoying young Lara levels...the lack of guns was annoying).

I guess alot of people like TR mainly for the exploration and puzzles. I like that, but I also like the action and shooting just as much. That's why TR2 is definately by favorite.

2nd Aug 2003, 21:31
Id have to say Tomb Raider Crochoniles seeing how it's a TR I seemed to miss out on ;)

5th Aug 2003, 14:29
Tomb raider 2 .....yuck!

Leigh Croft
5th Aug 2003, 14:38
Tomb Raider 3 was an attempt at making the game better, which went wrong. People wanted bigger levels and what we got were huge levels which seemed to go on and on and on, I dont think the story line was the best either :rolleyes:. Nah definately Tomb Raider 3 for me.

Tomb Raider Fan
13th Aug 2003, 23:11
It's just gotta be Tomb Raider Chronicles. I found it waaaaaaaaaaay too short and didn't like the overall look of the levels. I was going to vote for tomb Raider 1 but i thought to myself..That is the most original Tomb Raider up to now....Thats the kinda Tomb Raider we want more of! As for AOD nope i don't find it rubbish what so ever...Best TR so far!!! (Yep u heard me right!) :D

Melissa X
14th Aug 2003, 08:20
For me, the worst was TR3 - I hated the 'choose your level' concept. I like games to flow with a story, not have a 'mix and match'

I did however 'like' TR5 - but It SHOULD have been TR4 GOLD

No WAY was it big enough to stand as a full game

If i remember correctly I did in around 3hours 40 mins game time. Awful.