View Full Version : the games on temp. uplink

pvt coal
22nd Jul 2003, 00:28
i have only found one of the games for the temporary uplink and that is in the siberia lvl. how??? on hard play the game untill u get 2 the building with the 2cnd sniper shooting at you. go in the building and go to the room with 2 guards start searching the shelves, and on the back of 1 of the shelves there should be a box.... look to the left of the box near the floor and you should see a game cart. pick it up and it should say "got anaconda cart"
once you see this get out ur temporary uplink and press triangle it sould enter a place that has

click on anaconda and begin to play

plz tell me of you know were the other 2 games are

pvt coal
22nd Jul 2003, 00:32
plz tell me