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The one
21st Jul 2003, 18:43
Does anyone know what happens when you beat penance in FFX, I haven't yet but I am doubting whether to bother killing all the dark aeons and powering my characters up to the max in order to if nothing cool happens.:rolleyes:

23rd Jul 2003, 18:51
i'm currently working towards fighting penance and so far i only have dark yojimbo in my way - i can get into the 5th fight and then i just loose it and die! argh! good luck - i worked hard to get to fight nemesis, but so far the bloody stupid arena owner refuses to make him after i have beaten the original mosnters and collected all fiends x10! grrr

23rd Jul 2003, 23:04
Besides the items he drops (Dark Matters and Blessed Gems IIRC), you only get bragging rights ;)

If you've beat Penance, then I'm pretty sure you won't really need the items anymore. He's just the ultimate challenge of FFX (unless you want to do stuff like NSGNSNC challenges) ;)