View Full Version : beach life

21st Jul 2003, 13:11
anyone know where i can lay my hands on beach life aka spring break or virtual resort if so please help been trying to buy this game for a few weeks now and cant get my hands on it. louise
e-mail wildchild17uk@hotmail.com

21st Jul 2003, 13:36
no shops in the uk have it all out of stock and it going to be very hard to buy one from america :( i want this game :(

23rd Jul 2003, 00:09
you can order at gamestop.com, if you can't order on the internet, i would suggest looking in the yellow pages and calling stores that only carry computer and video games.

23rd Jul 2003, 11:01
found it at ww.play.com should get it any day soon thanks guys for all ur help. louise