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21st Jul 2003, 10:36
I've got a little question... How many Arcade Awards are there? I've got 56 of them but some sites say there are 57, some 58.

Anyway, if there are 57 of them I only need to get "Markmanship".

If there are 58 of them I need "Markmanship" AND "Bag Puncher". I don't know the last one really exists but can some1 help me please?

Grtz Rayni3:confused: :confused:

21st Jul 2003, 21:29

22nd Jul 2003, 00:40
Apparently, there seems to be more than 58. I have 51 but I know of another 8. Bag Puncher sounds like Punching Bag, though they might be seperate, bringing the total to 60!

Type out what you have and I'll help you from there.

22nd Jul 2003, 10:19
Ok then, here I go, as I said, i have got 56 of them:

1. Most Lethal
2. Most Losses
3. Lemming Award
4. Most Professional
5. Multi Kill
6. Longest Spree
7. Most Effective
8. Pathetic Shot
9. Maniac
10. Brain Surgeon
11. Fist Of Fury
12. Glass Jaw
13. Decapitator
14. Fists Of Steel
15. Betrayer
16. Vandal
17. Hypochondriac
18. AC-10 Award
19. Where's the health?
20. Where's the armor?
21. Hoarder
22. Sloth
23. Most Frantic
24. Backpeddler
25. Sidestepper
26. Ledgehopper
27. Most Sneaky
28. Most Cowardly
29. Dodger
30. Most Outgunned
31. Best Equipped
32. Weapons Expert
33. Porter
34. Bag Man
35. Most Useless (ofcourse)
36. Ricochet King
37. Underequipped
38. Victim
39. Bully
40. Most Peaceful
41. Most Dishonourable
42. Most Manic
43. Cartographer?
44. Shortest Innings
45. Longest Innings
46. Survivor
47. Sniper
48. Most Flammable
49. Persistence award
50. Traveller Award
51. Trigger Happy Award
52. Insomniac Award
53. Beheader Award
54. Smasher Award
55. Brutality Award
56. Golden Oldie Award

Platform: PS2


22nd Jul 2003, 23:18
OK, you have 6 awards I don't have but I do have Marksmanship. (So far thats 51 + 6 = 57)
I don't have my list with me now but tommorow will post what I know.

23rd Jul 2003, 11:12
Ok, if you have any problems with the 6 I've got (and u don't have), just ask me becuz I read some faqs over the net and sometimes they're really useless, so I had to find it by myself.

Which are the awards you aint got? I'll do my best to help you
I guess "Ledgehopper and Cartographer" are two of them? Those are Silly Awards anyway...

What's your %? 85.6 here

Grtz Rayni3

24th Jul 2003, 22:26
The awards I don't have:
- Brutality Award
- Victum ( I don't lose......)
- Glass Jaw
- Fists of Steel
- Porter
- Most useless
( - Bag Puncher?/Punching Bag? )

7 gold
59 plat
100% complete
51 arcade awards

27th Jul 2003, 22:39
Rayni3, where'd ya go?

28th Jul 2003, 13:18
I'm sorry but I went on a "mini-trip" so I wasn't able to post. if you have any problems with the arcade awards you can't win just tell me and I'll post my strategies.

I DO have problems with "Markmanship" becuz i can"t achieve it. Help me plz :d

Grtz Rayni3

28th Jul 2003, 23:24
for Markmanship award I think you just have to use manual aim alot (I've always gotten that award and its the only thing I do differently from my mates)

Ab ^_^

29th Jul 2003, 03:05
Yo! I need help on getting Glass Jaw. Me mate has it, and he's crap. Does it involve losing?

59 plat
7 gold
100% complete
52 arcade awards

29th Jul 2003, 08:40
Yup it does! You need to be killed a few times by being punched! Its still hard to get cos sometimes you'll end up with punchbag or whatever but eventually you should get it.

Ab ^_^

29th Jul 2003, 10:05
Do I hear punchbag, becuz I never heard of it. thatr means there are 58 of them dorky awards?

Markmanship is exceptional aming with manual aimmode and punching bag?

Ty by advance

Grtz Rayni3 :)

29th Jul 2003, 23:16
Yo! What about "Unlucky to lose"? What does it take to get that?

31st Jul 2003, 04:08
Glass jaw is simple to get.

Put yourself as someone such as R109, and put yourself against 5-10 people, and have no weapons on. Let them punch you to death a lot, and you should get the award (if you don't punch them at all, you will get Most Peaceful, so give them a few good ones to the face once in a while)

Hope that helps.

1st Aug 2003, 09:14
59 :s?

13th Aug 2003, 13:32
I was looking for how to get the award marksmenship as well thanks

20th Aug 2003, 00:47
I still can't get "Unlucky to lose". RedXevious has this award, help me out mate.

As for "Marksmanship", I've only ever had this once, I might be a one time only award that might have something to do with your accuracy % after a certain time if its not by using manual aim alot.

So far, the count for awards is 59. Does anyone have this many? Rayni3 is the only one I know who is closest, with 56. (Where did you go this time?)

3 gold
63 plat
100% complete
54 Arcade Awards

20th Aug 2003, 03:03
Isn't Unlucky to Lose that when you are on the about to win, someone else wins instead?

28th Aug 2003, 00:51
Originally posted by robofishzombie
Isn't Unlucky to Lose that when you are on the about to win, someone else wins instead? I'll say so, but to what extent do you just have to lose? I've tried minor matches (3 point limit with 4 bots) to get the award, no cigar.

28th Aug 2003, 09:37
try a longer match because when im playing short matchs i hardly ever get awards mabey put no score limit and 10mins...?