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21st Jul 2003, 10:15
I'm in the Strahov...
Just after the FMV when the reporter is burned and killed finishes, the game kick me out to my desktop and the following message appears:


I have tryed disabling sound acceleration, playing in software mode instead of hardware, but nothing... always same error at the same situation.

Any help? :(

21st Jul 2003, 10:49
Well... after 2 days trying to fix my GAME_ERROR_STRUCTURED_EXCEPTION_HANDLE problem i decided to post here...

Now, 5 minutes after i posted i did my last try...
And i'm playing again :-)

This is what i have done:

At the main menu (where Lara appears in background, not inside the game) choosse SETTINGS

Then on the tab where my videocard appears I ticked the VMR9 option to enable it, that was all... why me... why me... :( :( :( :(

21st Jul 2003, 21:50
I am also in The Strahov Fortress, and after the Cut Scene where Eckhart kills the Reporter, I had the same GAME_ERROR_STRUCTURED_EXCEPTION_HANDLE failure message.

This is the first failure I have had playing TRAOD. Considering all the grief that has been reported on this forum, I had thought myself lucky. Well, my luck just ran out.

I tried enabling your VMR9, but that didn't help. And anyway, this is a Cut Scene and not Full Motion Video.

The only way I could get past the failure was to Disable Audio. Then after I got past the Cut Scene without failing, I saved the game and Enabled Audio again.

On the next Cut Scene where Lara cuts off the power and releases the monster, I had the same failure again repeatedly, and again had to Disable Audio to get past the Cut Scene.

When loading my Save Games from beyond the first failure to the end of the level, the load would fail frequently, but usually not twice in a row. I have just reached the beginning of The Bio-Research Facility, so I don't know if the failures will continue in that level. As I mentioned earlier, I've had no failures like this in any previous level.

My computer is a HP Pavilion Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz running Windows XP. The graphics card is an nVIDIA GeForce 2 MX400. On a recent visit to Windows Update, I downloaded the 44.03 driver, but I had no trouble in the game as far as I had gone with the previous driver.

The Audio Device is Creative Sound Blaster Live.

22nd Jul 2003, 01:21
So far, I've played the whole game error free up to the Sanitarium level.

I go through the doorway labelled "38471", I walk up the steps to the double doors, and get the following error after I hit the action button to open the double doors:


Build Jul 2 2003 17:02:05

The Following Error has occured


I tried disabling sound, ticked VMR9, nothing! :( :(

22nd Jul 2003, 09:47
I forgot to mention my configuration. May be the error fix I posted works only on a PC similar to mine...

Well, I have an obsolet but fully functional:

Celeron 466

224 Ram


SoundBlaster Live! Value (Latest Drivers)

Asus motherboard P3BF

Asus V7100 Magic (GeForce2 MX200) with Detonator 44.03

WindowsXP Professional SP1

22nd Jul 2003, 12:58
Yeah I get this error too, I did everything they said, even tried to disable sound in the game, but I still get the error, what's that about?

I sent an email to edios, they said they'll get back to me.
Errr, I've had this game for the past 3 days and I can't even play it! Soooo annoying. Especially after waiting so long for it.

15th Aug 2003, 12:53

I had tried checking your "VMR9" when I first saw your post, but it didn't work for me.

I just tried my method mentioned above in my post, and now that doesn't work for me either.

After seeing a recent post by Lady_Compari, I revisited this issue and found that I needed your "VMR9" checked, but also "Hardware VP" unchecked, and then I no longer had failures after The Strahov Fortress level cut scenes.

I have now finished TRAOD, and the errors after The Strahov Fortress cut scenes were my only failures.

Angel of Glitches
22nd Aug 2003, 17:24
Lady Campari's configuration didn't work for me. But unchecking Query for my GeForce MX 400 did the trick :D