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21st Jul 2003, 05:15
After talking with Lilibat, and finding out what happened to http://nosgoth.threethirteen.net/ I have put up this thread for the purpose of helping her educate everyone on what exactly streaming is and the consequences of it.

Streaming happens when you simply click on one of the links and the file is automatically played in your browser's player; be it Media Player, Real One Player, Quick Time, DivX, or whatever. The reason she asked us NOT to stream is because each time it happens, the bandwidth level increases, she is only set a certain amount by default per month. Any more then that and she has to pay for it, out of her OWN MONEY. It became too much and she is now working on a way to get the site back up and avoid this in the future.

To help her, we must all adhere to this simple rule.

If you want to hear these files, follow these exact steps:

"Right Click" on the file

Go to download

Save file to your desktop at the appropriate window.

Listen to it from THAT FILE any time you wish, only go back to the site to download it again if it is lost or corrupted for whatever reason.

I hope I am making amends, I did not know the definition of streaming and am part to blame. I hope everyone sees this, memorizes this, practices this FOR ALL TIME TO COME!!!

21st Jul 2003, 05:50
Maby put the music files in .zip or .rar s to help cut back on that?

The Amazing Rando
21st Jul 2003, 06:41
As I posted in the other thread, maybe bt links would help.

EDIT: Here's (http://bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/) a link with more info about bt links. The user will have to dl a small peice of software for them to work, however.

Umah Bloodomen
21st Jul 2003, 06:50
I did my best to advocate the importance of saving as opposed to streaming where these files were concerned, unfortunately, (and as Blinc can also attest to), this simple courtesy is often disregarded, and excess bandwith usage is the result.

As cool as it was for lilibat to host the files, I believe it would be in her best interest not to re-host them.

Hopefully, Mike Peaslee has made (or will make) progress on getting the files stored on the Eidos servers, along with the official LOK site.

21st Jul 2003, 17:17
Zipping them is definitely a good suggestion. That's what I've done with all of the audio on my site. Unfortunately Windows XP in some configurations tries to open THOSE remotely too.

21st Jul 2003, 23:53
Well, I always right clicked I'm proud to say.

I agree with zipping (although zipping MP3 files doesn't really decrease the file size much - that isn't the problem here) but I don't believe that about XP Blinc!

As much as I hate the OS (hey, call me a classic windows user) I'd even choose 3.x over it!

27th Jul 2003, 08:27
Ok, there have been many suggestions, both here and in the same thread I posted in the Nosgothic Realm. This is good, I will add my own suggestion, be it plausible or not. On the original Information Society's site, they have set up an option to listen to a 25 second or so clip of some of the songs. Would this be a possibility? To add a brief clip to sample the songs, but if you want the full version you would be required to actually download the file? Would this still hurt the bandwidth level, or would it possibly decrease it? I am looking to keep this thread going to help lilibat out as much as I can, please, someone has the right answer. I know this for a fact. All the people here, it has to be so.

Umah Bloodomen
28th Jul 2003, 00:21
To better explain the bandwith issue, anytime a site is accessed, surfed, downloaded from, and/or uploaded to, the bandwith quota is affected. Using clips as opposed to full songs will in a way decrease the amount the bandwith goes up due to streaming, however you're still going to add the downloading of the full song on top of it.

Should lilibat decide to offer the soundtrack again (depending on her sentiments), I do concur with Blinc about zipping them beforehand. For the sake of her pocketbook though, I think Mike Peaslee's quest to host them on the official LOK site is the better option as Eidos is financially able and has the resources to handle the traffic.

Adrian Tepes
28th Jul 2003, 01:56
It is noble that someone wants to host these LOK multimedia files however, regardless of unwritten web etiquette, people are going to stream if it is available. I suggest not offering these files for download. If your viewing audience is large, you are just setting yourself up for excessive bandwith.
Also, you could opt for your own domain which really isn't that costly at all. Most good web hosts, give you around 30 gigs of bandwith a month and will also allow you to put a cap on your bandwith that will not allow you to exceed it. That way, you could let anyone view your pages and then assign a user name and password system for those who want to download. Trust me, if you do that only the true fans will bother to sign up and the power downloaders won't bother.

Apocrypha Roxy
29th Jul 2003, 01:10
Just download and put it in your Winamp LoK Beat.

Easy. And you've got the entire LoK soundtrack at your fingertips. :)

Umah Bloodomen
29th Jul 2003, 01:21
Sounds like an easy solution, Roxy, but there are millions of people who have internet access and don't even know/understand anything about the consquences of streaming or the intracacies of bandwith. lilibat had the notice to save the files as opposed to streaming them on her site and it was still disregarded.

This is the main reason why I don't and most likely won't offer such multi-media content from any of my site. A majority of people just don't care. :(