View Full Version : black screen after fmv

21st Jul 2003, 01:51
Can someone help me with this problem?I see other people are having the same problem with a black screen after the eidos fmv,well i am to.I have tried some of the solutions with no results.I will submit system info but i do not know how to add it into this post,if someone could explain how i will add it here.
Many thanks in advance to everyone who can help.

21st Jul 2003, 04:50
OK, just got this game today and was having the exact duplicate problem. So I cranked everything down and then tested. It worked! Then I just gradually turned everything back on until I think I found the problem.

The problem (I think) is with post processing (on the video card tab in the settings program). On my GF4TI4600 if there is a tick in the "post process" tick box the game presents a black screen after the FMV, with nice lilting music in the background. Haven't tried playing the game (yet) but I thought, after seeing a small number of folks with this issue, that I should register and post this. (please, don't clap, just throw money :D) Hope this helps lots of people.