View Full Version : WAD/RMX Version Mismatch error on PS2 Version

20th Jul 2003, 22:08
I'm running the game on a PS2 and I'm aware that the game is full of bugs and I've tried to work around them as best as I can, and none of them have completely halted progress through the game like this one. I am inbetween the Biodome and the Sanitarium levels, during the cutscene in which Lara and Kurtis speak and you change over to the Kurtis character. After the cutscene the loading screen for the Sanitarium level appears and attempts to load for around a minute, and then the screen goes black and two bars bounce up and down the screen which read:
Bar #1 (red) : Fatal Error
Bar #2 (blue) : WAD/RMX Version Mismatch
Is there any way to prevent this screen from appearing? I've reset and redone this bit many times and hit this screen each time.

22nd Jul 2003, 18:34
thats a good feelin' that I'm not alone in this world...:D I had the same error but the RMX mismatch...
i have posted a thread already about this error at:

the solution was 2 things:
1) shake the PS2 like a NUT while loading (it worked soooo good for me REALLY!!)
2) make a CD replacement (worked for other memebers)

and about the RMX\WAD they are just one of the PS2 files extension having somekind of a conflict with the console which they should have not...

that should figures it out brother...:D

17th Aug 2010, 00:51
I don't know if I'm shaking the ps2 correctly but it doesn't seem to work.. how do I make a replacement CD??? BTW I'm in the hall of seasons, every time I go to the one with the earth well in the loading come the two bars over and over again. it's getting frustrating.. >.< pleas help..

17th Aug 2010, 01:46
until now i am not sure why shaking my ps2 got it to work. from the looks of it, shaking the ps2 forces it to skip the version matching test since the lens misaligns or something. to make a cd replacement, ask one of the admins for the rma steps, good luck mate :D

17th Aug 2010, 15:14
Thanks! :D