View Full Version : black screen

20th Jul 2003, 21:29
When i try to play tomb raider aod after the EIDOS logo i get nothing but a black screen.I am running a pentium 4 processor,1.50,
256 k ram
20 gig harddrive
direct x 9.0
nvidia ti 4200 agp 8x 64 mb grahics card

Can someone help with this proplem?:confused:

21st Jul 2003, 14:20
im having the same problem

21st Jul 2003, 15:18
I kinally got mine working.I had to uncheck all of the internet keyboard option under the graphic card selection in the game settings.:)

21st Jul 2003, 15:21
Go into TRAOD settings, and you should have 5 main tabs. General, "video card", sound, mouse, and keyboard. Any and ALL tabs after that must be disabled. After which, click apply and ok, and you are on your way. :D