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20th Jul 2003, 21:02
Well i love them but i was wondering how many of u use them.

i like to use them on their own because then u have a chance of destorying the enemy without getting shot to pieces.

Also u can Do bombing runs when ure using them with team mates. Turn off friendly fir get ur mates to strap them to u and u run wait for the enemy to get near u and then BOOOM blow them up u stay alive and the bots die.

or playing on ur own same idea but u die aswell. make sure its only kill that score not deatrhs and suicides. then u can chase people around.

or just luanch lines of proximity mines around so people just cant move any where.

just curious wat u do

Captin Snow
21st Jul 2003, 03:06
I love the Remote mines, I am deadly with them. And the Tactical 12 Gauge for that matter, since it's over accurate and all. My friends wont even play me if I put the mines on, they just give up. Unless they're on my team of course. When I use them I'll run twords the enemy, plant it on them, keep running past and blow them up.

21st Jul 2003, 08:10
I Love all of them! the timed mines dont go off soon enough for any use so i like to use the autorifle for the same effect

22nd Jul 2003, 23:29
My mate camps with remote mines in the Hospital but he's too easily defeated. I use Remote Mines when hunting cos they're a more effective explosive. Chucking just 1 and detenating it in the air is enough to rob them of a life in Elimination, that's all I use them for.

28th Jul 2003, 17:39
proxy mines are too effective. You should only get ~4 of them in a box. Things get out of hand when you place 20+ proxy mines in a game of ctf or whatever. Also, the sound carries too far. You should only hear them a split second before they pop.

You forgot to include TNT. Unfortunately, it's really just a more powerful timed mine. I think TNT should remain unexploded until you shoot it.

gretal mkIII
31st Jul 2003, 20:00
You forgot to include TNT. Unfortunately, it's really just a more powerful timed mine. I think TNT should remain unexploded until you shoot it. true man!
I love all the mines, especialy the remote and proximety mines. i love to put them over doors in multiplayer so my mates can't see them, then laugh at there faces when they die, they don't know what hit them! i also think that the gunpowder from the wild west mission should be a wepon, and if it goes on the tnt or mine then they should explode.

9th Aug 2003, 00:12
I like remote mines the best but when you want to psyce your brother/sister/friend out the time mine is your ticket. Run up behind them and plant one of those suckers on there back and run like heck! Once your out of range and before it explodes (Make sure you have enough time left before the explosion) tell about the mine, He/she'll try desperatly to kill you before he/she dies.

CAUTION: Your enemy might get violent after this happens so make sure your out of fist range, kick range, push range, knife range, and ALWAYS, wear you bullet proof vest.