View Full Version : thief2 crash...

20th Jul 2003, 17:12
i really need some help here...im running win xp home on my
athlon 1800+
radeon 8500
760mb ram
sb audigy platinum

and the game (thief2 ofcourse) runs fine through the first mission...but as soon as i complete it and the success movie should play the screen simply goes black and freezes..
its NOT the codecs....i had that problem and fixed it...the intro movie plays just fine ...any ideas??:confused:

20th Jul 2003, 18:02
I had T2 freeze while playing one particular AVI but not others. Turned out to be a bad CD-ROM player. Replacing it fixed the problem. If you do a full install of the game, the AVI's are on the hard drive so it should work better. For the time being, to help diagnose it, you might try bypassing that AVI by hitting escape as soon as or just before it starts. If that is successful, maybe the next one will work. You can test that by hitting control-alt-delete-end (four keys at once) to bypass missions. You can play the AVI manually by double clicking on the file in the movies folder. If none of that works, then you have the usual suspects: audio and video drivers. Even if the codecs are OK, the drivers can cause problems. Try getting the latest from the vendor.

I don't have any experience with XP (2000 here), but I understand there are problems with XP and some hardware. I think theBlackman has some trouble with the original SB Audigy under XP. Radeons may also have problems, if I recall, but many people use these components successfully. Hope you are not one of the unlucky ones.