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12th Jun 2013, 18:36
I was going to omit the question but I ddnt want to mislead anyone. So here's my problem. I'm planning to buy a copy of the game for my friend. Is it bought ofcourse from the SE store as troublesome as it is compared to other parties I want to help as you may put it SE.

I plan to buy the DD version.

Im just troubled with how I want to go at it. Should I just go and buy it putting all my details in and maybe just forward the order confirmation email (with the serial key) to my friend or is it better to have her shipping details / email registered with it? I dont mind the extra hassle of me doing everything. I just want to see opinions from others who may plan or have done something similar in the past

Thank you kindly

12th Jun 2013, 19:19
I gifted my friend a digital download and it was better to have it sent to me via email so I can forward it to her. So if your friend is within driving/walking distance, just have it sent to your place. Then give it to her. If she's not within walking/driving distance, definitely have it delivered to her.

Hope this helps.

13th Jun 2013, 06:04
It does thanks. We got the DD version less on the wallet more monies for the sub :)

13th Jun 2013, 11:43
It does thanks. We got the DD version less on the wallet more monies for the sub :)

I bought 2 versions of ARR Digital Download Collectors Edition, I was just going to forward the registration code and stuff to my man . I had such trouble ordering the damn things I didn't want to do it twice. So what I am asking is this is going to work right? lol

13th Jun 2013, 12:07
Yes most likely. :)

27th Aug 2013, 00:48
Girlfriends in california and we're doing long distance. How can i go about pre-ordering and sending her a copy?

27th Aug 2013, 00:58
buy the game using an email you can share, send her the code to activate once you have purchased it. she can then activate the code on her SE account and bam game gifted.

13th Oct 2013, 13:27
hey peeps. ran into a strange problem just now.

went to the official Square Enix store to purchace a digital download version of FFXIV: ARR for a friend as a gift. fine, right?

he's playing on the PS3 (so needs a PS3 version obvs.) ... i'm currently browsing on my PC.

in the SE store, it defaults to "PC games" only, and won't let me search for any other platform. clicking the general "games" tab at the top doesn't do anything. it says there's a PS3 digital version available, but it doesn't come up in any searches on the website, and the search function itself seems to be locked into "PC Games" with no option to search for other platforms.

it's infuriating.... even if i wanted to, it seems i'm unable to purchase PS3 versions of things from my PC.

what's going on here? i've never come across anything like this.

14th Oct 2013, 09:24
The PS3 version is only downloadable from the PS3 store on the console, you could buy them a wallet card if you're gifting it.

26th Nov 2013, 01:42
While some parts of the Square Enix site were under maintenance I purchased 3 copies of Final Fantasy XIV. Two via credit card, one via PayPal thinking my bank was being a stingy butt crumpet with a "suspicious charge" like in the past.

Is it possible to gift the extra two keys I got to friends who would be interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV and having them use those keys with their own accounts? Or should I contact support and have them refund the money for the other two keys? (I would prefer gifting the keys, as I have seen enough of FFXIV to know its nothing like FF XI.)

26th Nov 2013, 08:00
I can see no reason why you can't pass those keys to friends. The SE Store isn't tied to an SE Account as far as I can recall so I don't see any way those keys are currently linked to any account.

When you create an SE Account you enter the registration code when creating a Service Account (SE-speak for an FFXIV or FFXIV game account) and that is the pint in time the code is 'used' and can't be re-used. Your friends should be able to do that with the codes you have.