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20th Jul 2003, 09:37
Back when I first started playing TS2, I heard someone in a topic forum say that there was an extra hidden bonus story level that only apears when you get all 66 plats and complete the game on hard. I believed it for a while and I was quite excited about it. But even before I got all 66 plats, I realized it was just a lie. And sure enough, it turns out there wasn't any hidden bonus level. Anyway, I was thiniking about it yestarday, and I remembered when I first heard about this non exsistant "bonus level", I kept trying to guess what type of level it would be. I thought since the last level in the game takes place in the year 2401, that the bonus level would be in the year 3000 or something. Anyway, I know there isn't any hidden bonus story level, but if there was, what do you think it would be?

I would have to say, I think it would be some sort of post nuclear war level in... Let's say the year 3000. You are transported to a place that looks like earth, only everything has been destroyed! Broken glass, smashed buildings and dead bodies lie everywhere! Of cource, the only problem now are the TimeSplitters that have come to earth to claim it as their own and start a new breed of mutants that shall run and rule the earth, and there's no-one around to stop them!! You mission is to kill them all before they take over what remains of the earth! Of cource, this time there is no Corp. Heart to help you since she died in 2401. (Hey, I just thought of something. If Cortez can go back in time, why doesn't he just go back and stop Heart from being killed?) Anyway, if there was an extra hidden story level in TS2 (I know there isn't, but please bear with me for a sec) what do you think it would be?

20th Jul 2003, 20:27
mm well i think it would be a level when u go to the splitter planet and maybe to take on the mighty splitter king who uses the splitter cannon as its weapon.

(Splitter cannon fires small timesplitters which delve into u body and slowly kill u.) Secondary fire is automatic rocket gun . firing 3 rockets a second.

but that enough about the weapon.

The homeworls will be like mars and be very baren apart from the palace the splitter king lives in.

22nd Jul 2003, 23:51
Sounds like a plot to TS3!
Why imagine a hidden stage when you can create one?
I made a follow up to the spacestation Sgt. Cortez turns bad and controls the timesplitters........

28th Jul 2003, 12:45
(Hey, I just thought of something. If Cortez can go back in time, why doesn't he just go back and stop Heart from being killed?)

Well Corp heart isnt there to control the time device so theres noone to send him back, plus the station was destroyed by cortez as he sets the self destruct...

2nd Aug 2003, 14:16
hmm mabey me or someone else could try to make it with map maker...