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20th Jul 2003, 06:51
hi everyone, i posted not too long ago about not being able to get my video card to work. well, i called the technical support like for pny and we finally figured out the problem(it was in the registry). well i got it installed and everything, and booted the pc up. it was only 16 colors and 640x480. so i thought to myself "no problem, i'll just change it in the display properties". so i go there and change it to my preferred settings. it prompts me to restart my computer, and i do. when it boots back up, i'm still in 16 colors, 640x480. i've tried this several times. the tech guy said to reinstall windows 98 and reformat the hard drive, which would delete everything. oh and one small problem, i don't have the disk to do it. the guy that built our pc must've forgotten to give it to us(oops?). so i have no way of doing this. are there any other options? i've updated my BIOS, motherboard drivers, etc. i've tried reinstalling the video card several times, to no avail. by the way, here are my sys. specs:

Windows 98 SE
AMD Athlon, 1.1 GHz
128 MB RAM
AGP 2.0 Slot
NVidia GeForce MX 440-SE
Samtron monitor
18.6 GB HDD

could it have anything to do with my monitor not being compatible, or not being set up correctly for the video card? i just got this monitor this year, so it's not old... any help would be GREATLY appreciated(16 colors are soo dull, and i can't play AOD
:( )

20th Jul 2003, 11:00
okay ren102686
thats really no problem, it's just the graphic card driver...
having nVidia GeForce, download the Detinator Driver from:
and if it don't work, reinstall the windows...i can give you a copy of win98 boot disk...send me a PM (private message) and i will give you my e-mail...:D

20th Jul 2003, 11:17
I agree with 'Nobody', but before you install the new driver from www.nvidia.com I would download a graphics driver cleaner from www.driverheaven.net/cleaner , its only a small file, when you've done that uninstall your graphics driver in your control panel, then restart, then run driver cleaner, and then install your new driver ( hopefully 44.03) and you should be running ok.:cool: