View Full Version : Lara's Leg is stretched out and looks funny

20th Jul 2003, 02:41
Well, sometimes lara's leg looks VERY long and Very stretched out, and the texture looks very bad. It is hard to explain, but you will know what i mean if you have encountered it. Any way to fix this?

20th Jul 2003, 03:55
i know, isn't it annoying.

By the looks of it, no, but hopefully eidos comes out with some more patches soon to fix all of these damn buggers!

20th Jul 2003, 15:32
This happen to me is I have the opcion in General-processor-intel SSE with a tick, is you have a AMD, try to untick this, and post is this work for you

22nd Jul 2003, 16:43
It work for me but then sound dont work.