View Full Version : Pink "shadows"

20th Jul 2003, 02:39
when i pick up an object or look at one in my inventory, there is pink "shadows" on it. This is strange. I have:
1.56 Ggz with AMD 3dNOW!=1.8 Ggz
256 MB DDR ram
GeForce 3 Ti200
C-Media 6 channel audio card
Windows XP Pro (non SP1)
i have all the latest drivers, is there a setting or something i should change? it is quite annoying.

20th Jul 2003, 03:57
well, probably not, it's probably just another damn bug in the game. You're going to see a lot of them, trust me

20th Jul 2003, 15:29
I have this problem too, when I enter to the inventory and want so see a item, when this item turn in in circles, the pink shadows appear, I really dont know why this happen. :(

20th Jul 2003, 17:29
I had the old pink shadows problem and a pink pages in my note book, I resolved this by unselecting the multi - threading option in the general tab, and unselecting sse, basically just select 3d NOW, if your running AMD chip's, and the pinkyness has left the building.;)