View Full Version : Underwater Black Screen

19th Jul 2003, 18:26
Help ! As soon as I, well I mean Lara, goes underwater, the screen goes black and I cannot see until I come back to the surface, how can I correct this ?

20th Jul 2003, 06:22
I had the exact same problem. I went to video settings and restored them to default, then I went to http://www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/s...h.html?gmid=134 and downloaded the update patch. Not only did it fix the underwater problem, it gave me cool menu graphics that I never had before. I'm now in the process of sneaking my screen resolution back up to see if it affects the game again.

Hope it helps, seeya.

22nd Jul 2003, 02:25
Thanks Black_Slap_Tricky !

It worked well when I did what you told me the first time but then when I booted the machine up to play again I got this message, did you get this ? Any idea what it means ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

"Build Jul 2 2003 17:30:55

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'SUCCEEDED(hr)' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\shell\system\PC\sys_d3d_vmr9.cpp(1568)"


23rd Jul 2003, 20:09
Didn't have that as yet, but I did get one or two unknown kernal errors which seemed to resolve themselves after a few reboots (about 3). Try general disk repair and defragmentation and if the problem persists let me know, I'll ask my coder mate what the hell it means!