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19th Jul 2003, 18:16
Being a long time Tomb Raider fan, I awaited AOD with great anticipation. i was even happy to hear (last year) that the game had been delayed to make sure it was bug free!

Well it was obviously a great waste of a year.

Apart from CM4 (another Eidos Game) this is the most bugged game I have ever come across.

Falling through 'solid' walls into infinity and a hideous control mechanism make for an infuriating time.

My main gripe is that I am unable to progress past St. Aicards Graveyard.

Why? Because itwon't allow me to push over the angel. It won't even allow me to break open the Tomb door - saying I am not strong enough.

I even bought the strategy guide to see what I had missed, but having started the game from scratch I still can't progress.

I am now going to trade in my PS2 (AOD was the main reason for buying one) and never touch an eidos product again.

In future I hope eidos will recognise that gamers will only take so much before reacting.

22nd Jul 2003, 19:41
Hi there Sounds your about as angry as my right now!!!

Im in the nightclub and Have been there for hours. Like you I started a new game and still cant get the box out of the light fitting. I even had to reload only to find that when it reloaded One door that was not a locked door wouldnt open and same with the lever in the celar.

Now I get to the top room with the controle to the broken light fitting and move the box left, and in my reach. I pick up the ticket room key but cant pull the switch on the wall.....am i missing something or is this another bug

And lastly I go to the ticket room and pick up another key...this also is called Ticket Room key and cant be used in the only two doors that I can find around the Dance floor area.

Please put me out of my misery and tell me If I'm missing something.

23rd Jul 2003, 09:06
According to the strategy guide the ticket room key doesn't appear to be of relevance. It may be of use later in the game?

In the control room, have you pulled the left hand switch twice to move round the damaged (sparking) light and then the right hand swith to make it accessable?

The box you are looking for is in it.

Other than that youmay have a more serious problem.

23rd Jul 2003, 12:48
Hey no I hadnt what a clutz!!!!! I was so worried bout the games problems i was sure something was up. Thanks very much I will not have to throw the game out now.

24th Jul 2003, 08:33
The Prima guide and some of the walkthroughs on the net are misleading or just plain wrong.

The door that raises your strength on this part is the one on the building in the angel area.

If you jump into the angel area, sometimes you miss this building because you are concentrating on the angel in front of you. If you turn around, you'll see it and you'll be able to break through the door to gain your strength and go through the other building in the corner to get some goodies before comming back to the angel and exiting the level.

Hope this clears things up.

24th Jul 2003, 11:57
I have already done that - The tomb door that is meant to give me the strength boost to takle the angel says I am not strong enough to open it.

This then of course means I cannot push over the angel.

Trust me I have tried everything.

I have played another persons copy for a while and can do it with that copy.

Version/quality control is an issue.

24th Jul 2003, 15:48
Well, maybe take the game back to the shop to swap it for a new copy?

Its not a bug i'm aware of but it could be a saved game glitch where the door event is not triggering on that particular save.

Usually 99.9% of the time it's because the player is trying to push the wrong door first.


27th Jul 2003, 10:46
I got a new copy of the game and it works!

Although i must say the game is very short and lacking in challanging puzzles.

I finished it in approx 11 hours.

A bit dissappointing.