View Full Version : game crash...need help.

19th Jul 2003, 16:19

I had just purchase Tr-AOD and it give me a lot of graphical problem bt the technical support had help me out.
After solving the graphical problem the game chrash problem had came. I had ask the technical support for help but they're not reply me for a long time.

When I start the game, everything is ok, even I go into the game(I means the trainning area). But the problem is : WHENEVER I PRESS 'ESC' BUTTON TO THE GAME MENU, THE GAME CRASH.

IN the freezed game menu, I can hear the sound. If I press up and down cursor key but the screen is still freeze. If I press again 'esc' to go back to the game, a whole screen is black. I can still hear the in-game sound and Lara's sound if I press any action key but the screen only show black. Therefore, I can't quit the game unless I force it.(use 'ctrl'+'alt'+'del')

PLease help me to solve this problem, THANKS.

22nd Jul 2003, 07:28
i got this problem too

if you go to the 'general' section in the settings outside the game and if the frame rate compensation is on 'smooth' turn it to 'fast'

22nd Jul 2003, 07:57
Wow, it works !!! Thanks for your help !:)