View Full Version : Defiance for X-Box

19th Jul 2003, 13:24
Nixxes Software is working on the X-Box version of Defiance.


This does not come as a big suprise, since they have converted other LOK games in the past, but it`s nice to see they`ve updated their site recently.

Evelin The Winged
19th Jul 2003, 13:36
We already know that Defiance is coming out for Xbox (I'm getting one this august so I can play Defiance and other games) but ok then.

19th Jul 2003, 13:46
I`m well aware that everyone knows that it`s coming for the X-Box.
Just wanted to let you know that Nixxes finally have put some Definace info on their site.

19th Jul 2003, 15:02
I hope they will use the xbox engine for 100% and not make just a port of the PS2 version

19th Jul 2003, 15:07
i hope they will use both machines to their full potential and i think i will buy the ps2 version ,simply for the control pad (or buy an adapter for my xbox):D

20th Jul 2003, 15:40
But that doesn't help me. I STILL haven't decided whether to get a ps2 or an x-box. ARGGGG

Ken Cow!
20th Jul 2003, 15:46
Same here, I'm so torn as to which one to get. If they are going to be perfectly 100% identical, I'd go with the PS2 version because of the controller.
Though I expect the Xbox version to be at least a little better, if not in graphics/framerate then maybe in loading/saving time.
Oh, wait, this game probably streams. I guess loading isn't an issue then. Somebody help me!:confused:

Kain's Ancient Blade
20th Jul 2003, 15:57
Wait for a review and then buy which everone doesn't have glitches(you know, like the Blood Omen 2 ps2 version) . And if neither have glitches go for the PS2.

21st Jul 2003, 06:35
I'd say the XBox, just for the lone fact it'll look crisper and cleaner by default. That's if they do nothing extra for it. If you don't like the Xbox's controller S, then buy a PS2 adapter for it and use your PS2 controller on it.

I'd say with the team who is doing the Xbox version, it will have a lot of cool Xbox only graphic enhancments, they did a nice job adding stuff to that consoles version of Blood Omen 2, and the DC version of Soul Reaver.

21st Jul 2003, 09:32
I`m still trying to decide which version to buy too. At the moment, I`m leaning towards the X-Box version.
Sometimes even if the release is supposed to be simultaneous on bouth platforms, there will be a couple of days, or weeks between the two of them. So I`ll probably go for the first version available. :D

Evelin The Winged
22nd Jul 2003, 16:55
I say get the Xbox! I know I am and it's stronger than the PS2 and all thet good stuff.

23rd Jul 2003, 22:00
I will be waiting for the PC version, that way if any glitches do get through then al i have to do is wait for the patches to come out.

Evelin The Winged
2nd Aug 2003, 19:22
I did it! I got an Xbox!
...But it'd be cooler if I had some games.:( Funny, ain't it? I got an Xbox, but I haven't gotten any games. The games here are all expensive! I mean REALLY REALLY expensive! Going to have to buy splinter cell online then...

3rd Aug 2003, 18:04
PS2 all the way for me ,you just cant beat the simplicity and easy use of their control pad i h8 playing blood omen 2 on the xbox the triggers are so sensitve Kain keeps stopping and guarding

Ken Cow!
3rd Aug 2003, 18:10
I just got BO2 on Xbox (I got it when it first came out for PS2, it was all I had at the time) and I am VERY impressed! Actual music during boss battles, silky smooth framerate, short loading times, nice textures, and best of all no bugs! Nixxxes did a better job than Crystal Dynamics!

I just hope that the PS2 version of defiance won't suffer like BO2 did. And now I am sure the Xbox version will turn out great :)

13th Aug 2003, 20:13
I would have to say go with the PS2 since that's all I have. Besides, the library is bigger, really good stuff is coming out this fall, and you can't beat the controller. Besides, you can still play the original PS Soul Reaver and BO on PS2!