View Full Version : I'm assuming it's video

19th Jul 2003, 11:28
Minimum requirements for TR6 are:
500Mhz Pentium III or equivelant
128M Ram
16M 3D Accelerated Video card
DX 9.0

I have:
AMD Athlon 2800+
512M Corsair DDR
128M DDR nVidia AGP X8
DX 9.0
Seagate 80M
EAX Total Dolby Digital Sound
32X reader
52X Burner

My machine has more than recommended requirements to run TR6.
I have Defraged, shut down everything on my toolbar,
don't run VP anymore, modem switched off and all specs tell me my
pc is running as smooth as a babies bum.

All previous TR's (except for TR1) run perfectly, Splinter Cell,
Ghost Recon, DN3D, Halflife, NFS 3 & 4, Wolfenstein.........etc
all run smooth.

So why does it lock up when I go to save when Lara is in the rain?
I can save when she is in doors, but Lara's weather affects my pc.

I should not have to reduce video settings to play a game in which
my machine is more than capable of playing.

And come to think of it, after paying $90, I should not be required to
go online to download a patch to make the game work. what about the
people who don't have internet access?

Has Eidos finally designed a LEMON, or is there something that is
basic I have not done? (Using pc as a door stop does not compute)

Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I would like
to play the game. Otherwise I'm back to TR3 & 4, my favourites.