View Full Version : another video problem

19th Jul 2003, 10:33
i just installed the game..but there is a problem:

it seems like the monitor "flicks"..like a black frame every 10 sec or so .i hope some1 understood me

i have 256 mb ram
Nvidia gf4 64 mb & 1GHZ

and btw..i installed the latest drivers for everything

22nd Jul 2003, 23:52
I have the same probleme....

I'm using a Gforce 2 MX 400, 64meg.

Help Us!!
Thank You....;)

23rd Jul 2003, 03:54
I have find the cure....Uncheck the Post Process...In your Graphic card tab.

I hope that will do...It work for me...:D

23rd Jul 2003, 08:16
Thx man!!!
works like a charm