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19th Jul 2003, 09:39
Everyone who reads this will undoubtably deny it, but you have been trick and minipulated in some way by advertising. These trailers are being sent out to give you just enough information to peice together what could possibly happen but like mice in a maze, we follow the path of bread crumbs to a false conclusion. We've all followed that path, but lets slow down and look at what they've shown us.

Trailer #1
Other than basic mechanics and eye candy we see glimpses of winged statues coming to life. A very breif of a figure resembling Vorador. And last but not least an artic area showered with snow.

Trailer #2
Glowing red eyed statues weilding swords and wings like the anicent vampires. Young sarafan knights running to confront Kain. Extreme displays of the SoulReaver in some kind of element attack. And flashes of what appears to be and ancient vampire or Janos Audren.

Plus almost everyone has seen the screenshots featuring Janos Audren or someone just like him, same robes same appearence.

But is he the threat? Are we just being lead to believe that he is really evil? we all know there is plenty of evidence to support it. However it would not be unlikely for them to lead us down that path. Although the statues and mysterious figure in screenshots resemble Janos Audren, it is not proven...yet. We still do not know what time they are in. But one thing is certainly under question, if someone would bring Janos back to life, who and why? would it be Moebius? Unlikely. The Hylden? Maybe..but in BO2 they didn't require his heart. Raziel? Possible...."Kains warning was lost as I slipped into the spectral realm."

Why would Janos become evil after being revived? Perhaps he is fed up with the human intolerance and like Kain wants to rule. Or because they killed him he wants revenge. Only time will tell.

And speaking of time, in SR2 when Raziel entered Janos' chamber, many people thought Raziel and Janos met in a different time before, but it appeared to me that Janos recognized Raziel's voice and thought it "heartening" to hear his name spoken without contempt with the voice that cursed him at every turn. And at the sight of Raziel's appearance it shocked him to see Raziel so misshapen from his Sarafan form. Maybe all of these questions will be answered and more will surface in this up coming installment of one of the greatest and most intriguing stories of our time. till we speak again.........

19th Jul 2003, 11:52
Look at the other topic the same as this one for ppls views on the matter.....

As for evil janos. I think he's evil (assuming it's right. I'm just speculating here) because he has returned from the demon world, where he lost "his former beauty" (or whatever the SL said to kain about the hylden becoming demon like in the demon world)

19th Jul 2003, 12:27
I dunno about Janos being brought back from the Demon world as Defiance is set b4 the events of Blood Omen 2,but we may still travel forward in time and it could be Janos with a hangover!http://smilies.crowd9.com/otn/confused/qusans.gif

19th Jul 2003, 20:10
I dont think the demon realm makes you EVIL, it just makes you ugly.

Janos being tossed into the demon realm will change his appearance, but I'm not so sure it would change his nature.

19th Jul 2003, 22:17
I dont think the demon realm makes you EVIL, it just makes you ugly. Janos being tossed into the demon realm will change his appearance, but I'm not so sure it would change his nature.

i don't think it would change his nature either, but the Hylden would also be waiting on the other side ready to do all sorts of horrible things to him, because he was their enemy and the only one they could hold responsible for the trapping them there and adding in the destruction of their way home

20th Jul 2003, 14:28
If Janos is evil the implications are huge. I don't think he logically can be. At least not on his own accord. If so, that means that the only ones trying to save Nosgoth are Raziel and Kain. I've just got to know WHAT is the evil, that no army, weapon, or hero can stop? Huh!!?!? What is it!? Because that is the main question of the game. We know the Hylden have to be in here somewhere, but c'mon we haven't seen them yet. So many questions, grrrrr, and absoloutly 0 answers. Just theories. And I guess that ain't so bad, it's kinda fun.