View Full Version : FFXIV for vita??

12th Jun 2013, 10:50
So sony announced that all PS4 games can be played on the vita using cross play, do you think FFXIV will be on that list too. I kind of hope it isnt because if it is I will flunk out of college -_- lol

12th Jun 2013, 17:00
I don't think the screen on the PS Vita is big enough honestly. So stay in college. :) .. I can't believe I just said that.

12th Jun 2013, 18:02
I hope they allow remote play for ARR, even if the screen size makes it hard to play (and it will)

12th Jun 2013, 18:04
its been confirmed :P

12th Jun 2013, 18:05
as a maybe

12th Jun 2013, 18:33
IMO its a most likely. CEO of sony himself said it. We're moving towards having every game on the ps4 (at least those without the need of the Eye) to be played remotely via wifi through the vita. I dont think you can carry play it on the vita from a reaaaally far place same as the psp was with the ps3 i reckon