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19th Jul 2003, 03:48
Seems like I'm the only one that having this major graphical glitch.. Essentially, there are polygons (shapes) that extend out from Lara's pony-tail hair and move in what seems to be randomly around the entire screen. It obstructs quite a bit of the screen, besides being exceedingly annoying... These shapes seem to "be" her hair, since I can't see it at all...

I discovered that if I save the game, then reload, it's okay for about 2 seconds (as in, I can actually see her pony-tail), but then quickly returns to the messed up state... Also changing levels would "correct" the problem for a few seconds..

Also, eventually the game slows to a crawl...

I even went as far as to send in my PS2 to Sony for repairs, but said they fixed some things (dvd-rom), but I've gotten it back, and the problem still remains....

Eidos doesn't seem to be replying to emails (maybe they're swamped... I dunno...).. I tried calling, but I just got a message that they were closed (was Tuesday 2pm Pacific time..).. Real nice of Eidos to force their customers to pay long distance as well...

I really wish I could get this problem resolved...

19th Jul 2003, 05:29
Hm, that's strange... Do you use the orig. mem card from Sony? Is mem card checked, too? Is the cooling good for the PS2 (is she standing free enough)? Well, over heating effect risk.
If you can, try also the card and game on any others PS (friend/dealer or so).
Also possible that your game disk in damaged. In this case ask your dealer for a replacement.

19th Jul 2003, 11:32
What happens when you start a new game from scratch (without loading a previously saved game)? If this is OK it sounds like the saved game has got corrupted somehow!

19th Jul 2003, 12:28
Was it like this from the start.

19th Jul 2003, 13:24
I've been having this problem from the very first time I played the game. Actually, this bug happens the moment I get past all the cinematic scenes, and into the playable portion of the game.

The game disc doesn't appear to be scratched to any extent, there are some extremely fine marks that are a bit hard to see without a magnifying glass. I would be surprised if this error was due to a scratch...

The memory card I'm using in a Sony card (SCPH-10020). I've even tried playing the game without a memory card, but the problem remains.

I wish I had access to another PS2 box to test it on.. That's pretty much all the tech support people at Sony tell me to do now...

To make matters worse, I threw out my receipt like an idiot... Wish Eidos would reply to my email...

19th Jul 2003, 14:39
I also just found out that this bug goes beyond just a visual defect... It seems that when it begins, the camera angle gets messed up. I originally thought that Eidos was to blame for that, but it seems related to this bug.. I was able to determin this by saving/loading over and over. Every so often I'll be able to play for few seconds without this bug happening, and every thing seems to function very well. But, it doesn't take long for this problem to come back...

After playing for about 30 minutes, on the very first (tutorial?) level, I got to the point where I have to lower down to the crowbar... Well, every time Lara gets up on the ledge, she dies... She steps up, and drops dead (but she doesn't /fall/ off the ledge, she just collapses as if she had fallen a long distance)...

I'm beginning to think my PS2 memory could be faulty... A few other titles have exhibited similar graphical glitches, though none seemed to have any impact on actual gameplay (except for TR: AoD)... Guess I need to send my PS2 back in for more repairs...

19th Jul 2003, 23:07
the PS2 if fine zertem...one of the members had a problem like mine, i had the cure of shaking the PS2 like a NUT!!
worked for me but not him, he just made a CD REPLACEMENT and it worked fine...
not every original copies Eidos makes are the same...
So you better try make a cd replacement...:D

25th Jul 2003, 13:07
Sounds like you've got a real weird PS2 there Zertam!! Where did you buy your PS2 from? If it's under 1 year old you should be able to take it back to the retailer you bought it from and they should replace it! If it's over 1 year old, then did you purchase an extra year's warranty, if you did then just get it replaced!

25th Jul 2003, 22:55
I once had a defective game and threw out my receipt like an idiot also. But still, I took it back to where I bought and they just told me, "leave this one here and go back and get another one."
Give it a try, it can't hurt anything.