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18th Jul 2003, 23:44
I am one of the easiest critics on the planet, especially when it comes to Lara Croft. I'm not a harcore gamer, but I love video game...this means I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to flaming a game.

Get over all the"should a's" and "they didn't" and I find that playing AOD is just not a very fun experience.

Good things: there are times (small moments) when I'm playing AOD and I think, "ahhh, they're on to something here. Unfortunately, Eidos and Core didn't finnish and clean what they started.

Bad things: Even I, an easy going gamer, thinks there was no way this game should have been released. WAY too many bugs and inconsistencies. Amoung them:

Lara's super fast turns on stairwells
Lara's lag time between standing and running
Lara targets people THROUGH walls
Badly dimminished skills for a Tomb Raider (can't flip and target, can't roll and draw, can't sprint for half the game, can't grip for long)
TERRIBLE "magnet" like targeting - making it nearly impossible to flee with guns drawn.

I'm sure we can make a much larger list. But I'll stop.

Anyway, I just thought I'd vent...

Like I said, I WANT to like this game, but there are some major things wrong with it. I was with the others screaming bloody murder to get this game, now I kinda wouldn't mind it if I could send it back and let Core/Eidos finnish it.

I'm almost done the game, and I'm hoping it'll get better...that's how naive I am :)

bonnie :)
19th Jul 2003, 02:47
I have all the previous games & could'nt wait for AOD....even after all the delays, I bought it. I enjoyed some of it but I was mostly disappointed. I did return it for a full refund. When I asked the store employee, 'how many were returned', he said about half so far (the PS2 game). :eek:

22nd Jul 2003, 21:59
Is that so bad after all huh??:eek:
I suspected that.

bonnie :)
22nd Jul 2003, 22:21
LOL! Looks like you're checking all my threads :eek: :D

23rd Jul 2003, 14:05
Well must be coincidence. Don t you believe in coincidences? You know , small world.;) :p

bonnie :)
23rd Jul 2003, 21:11
Originally posted by snake
Well must be coincidence. Don t you believe in coincidences? You know , small world.;) :p LOL! Yeah ok, I can believe that. :)

23rd Jul 2003, 21:57
PS2...well that explains it....