View Full Version : Problem in the Boaz Returns level

18th Jul 2003, 21:51
I have a serious problem in the level Boaz Returns. :mad:

I have shot the front two flaps, but when I try to shoot the last two ones, Kurtis will still aim at the frontal ones ! I can't do anything, i cant complete the level and therefore I can't complete the game. :eek:

There is some kind of bug in the aiming system or something. I just cant kill it.

What should I do, I have tried everything :confused:

I am playing the PC Version, please help me :(

18th Jul 2003, 22:09
when u pull out yr gun and the auto aim kicks in u can press the "roll" button, standard on "end" to switch targets..

HF and kick his ass or her ass.. or its ass.. whatever.. just kill the weird ass thing :D

19th Jul 2003, 17:16
Yea Thanks !! It worked ! I love ya ! :D

I have completed the game now. It was a bit short though :/ .

Maybe the next Tomb Raiders will be longer :)