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18th Jul 2003, 19:01
Just maybe one more bad coment about TR AOD.

First I have to say that I like the graphics,ambance,story ....
but I really hope that Eidos and Core will quickly release another patch for this game just to let me play correctly, because I'm really surprised by how bad lara is directed. The number of bugs in this part is highly incredible for a game that has been release later than the first announce that occurs often, but here It seems that it did not been really usefull, I'm talking for the PC Version of AOD, I will not talk about PS2.

SO one question that I wonder is to know if the game have been beta tested because it is incredible that such bugs remain after the commercial release and even the fiirst patch did not correct thiese bugs.

Please Eidos correct this quickly, for exemple the AOD PC Version is bad marked only because of its gameplay, and the play2 version is sometimes acclaimed for it's new control style (why isn't it the same on PC). So I'm sayingf it again please correct the gameplay quickly.

18th Jul 2003, 21:25
Join the club wedge..

The only reason that I can think of is that the game shipped because Eidos pushed Core to a deadline thus shipping a game that has not been Beta tested or tweaked..

there's no possible way that this game couldve been Beta-tested.. even the smallest retard on this planet can find the many bugs this game actually has.

imo its eidos to blaim, Core managed to deliver a good product but couldnt finish it because of time related issues made by Eidos..

When will they ever understand that a reputation made out of a game is far more important then 1 game itself. sure, they sold lots of copies with this AOD, but I will think twice before buying me the next TR in line..

18th Jul 2003, 21:36
I am playing the game a second time now and Ive only seen 2 bugs so far. the first one was stupid level skip which occurs at a specific corner in the archeological dig(doesnt happen itself, you will have to perform a specific move at that place) and the second one was quite annoying(found it when playing the second time), tried to jump into the boxing ring but landed next to it and suddenly another boxing match began which never ended. Both bugs wouldnt have been found if i hadnt tried anything stupid(which make them quite amuzing actually)

Seriously can anyone gimme a list of bugs, I really wana encounter them. Its fun finding them(when you play a second time around). Anywayz, I am playin the ps2 version in the uk. So anyone with a similar version from the uk please post the bugs youve found here. Thanks.

18th Jul 2003, 21:38
Yep, I thinkyou're totally right.

On my own 've started to handle a game project, just a big 2D adventure Game and I don't have the goal to be the best game or to be the most most good engine creator cause it'll be only 2D, but I'm currently only creating the engine and go for the first beta test right now even if it is not finished to detect big bugs that could appears in the first step of the engine creation, my way is to say that the game will be released when it'll be finished and tested.

So I Thnink that Eidos asked to Core to deliver a good PS2 games and don't let them enough time to migrate the PS2 version on PC. For the regrets of a generation of PC Gamers

moe888uk> I'm talking of the PC version, can't tell you anything on the PS2 version that seems more finished tha, the PC one

18th Jul 2003, 21:39
You won't get control alterations in a patch, glitches in the controls may be fixed but the actual control system will remain the same.

18th Jul 2003, 21:42
Yes I d'ont have problem with the control, but whith Lara's reaction to controls that is the bad point, if it steel the same kind as old tomb raiders, I'll do with it, the controls on the previous PC Tomb Raider episodes where correct, here they are not ;)

PS: Sorry for posssible mistakes but I'm french and do my best in english but I'm not the best :p

18th Jul 2003, 21:48
for a french dude its not that bad :P

18th Jul 2003, 21:52
Thanks I really apprciates it, because I'm thninking of english as a more usefull languages, when you're looking for things on the web you may find them in english and not in french, so it is really important for me to have a good english level, and now that I'll join an MMORPG it is almost important, just to read and chat with every players ;)

18th Jul 2003, 21:56
they should make an MMORPG for TR.. naah.. then ull have all sorta Lara's running about.. that cant be right...

hell who am I kidding.. that would OWN!!! :P

18th Jul 2003, 22:20
whats MMORPG: multimedia oriented role playing game? is it?

18th Jul 2003, 22:21
Originally posted by moe888uk
whats MMORPG: multimedia oriented role playing game? is it?

almost, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

19th Jul 2003, 10:18
I love MMORPGs, except for the fact you have to pay a subscription fee. I mean, I've already payed £40 for the game, & I have to pay more?! But I would be willing to pay for FFXI & Matrix online or even TOMB RAIDER ONLINE!

20th Jul 2003, 00:11
Yes monthly fees are not the best, but the main difference is that we have to pay server supervision and maintenace, that's the main reason of the fee for game access. It is not like a single player game ;)

20th Jul 2003, 13:06
Originally posted by wedge
Yes monthly fees are not the best, but the main difference is that we have to pay server supervision and maintenace, that's the main reason of the fee for game access. It is not like a single player game ;)
I know you're right, I know about the costs & maintenance required & I know that's why they charge the subscription fees, but I dont like the idea of paying more that the regular £40 for a game. That & my dad says: "what the hell?!NO you can't get that game!"

20th Jul 2003, 13:23
Yes so we are now far from the orignal subject, anyone got information about a second patch to correct gameplay problem of the game, just to make lara move softly and with a good way of responding to all our commands ;)

22nd Jul 2003, 20:43
You are not the only one who was dissapointed from AOD.